Why your should use phonecards when calling abroad

I have some relatives and friends living in the US who calls me from time to time using phonecards. At first, I didn’t realize why they had to use phonecards when they can actually call using standard international calling services. I just kinda get that thought somehow when my friend would frequently told me she can’t call since she’s out of phonecards already.

For people who need to make phone calls when away from home, prepaid phone cards is a good option, since you can use it anywhere and gives you real value for your money. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your monthly bills, once done, you simply throw it away!

There are many available prepaid phone cards you can choose from and rates for each pre-paid phone cards varies, depends on which country you are calling. Pinshark.com has over 800 different calling card products you can choose from, delivered instantly over the internet. Check out their website now and browse their list of international phone cards that can give you up to 80% savings in long distance bills.



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