Blog of the Moment: Mitchita

When I started blogging years ago, I only had very few readers every now and then – aiMzster, Ruthie, Mimi, Syana and Mitchie.

And then, there came Lizzie, Hannah, Janis and Eva.

I am extremely glad na up ’til today, after being here in the blogosphere for more than 4 years, these gurls are still around checking out on me.

After I switched to WORDPRESS, I became friends with the Blogging Superstars like Reyna Elena…and others. I have gained many cyber friends and met a great number of good people in and out of the cyberworld. My involvement in a blogging community like WordPress Pinoy allowede me to obtain new skills, confidence, made many friends and done many things I would never have had the opportunity to do otherwise.

I am deeply touched to all the people who have left their foot on this blog…yung mga matyagang bumibisita kahit na alam nilang hinde ako matyagang nag re-reply sa mga comments. Hehehe. I am not a snob, I just get really really busy kunwari with work sometimes. I will make bawi soon, pramis. I want you to know that I really appreciate all of you and as a token of appreciation, I will feature some of you here for free, hinde ako maniningil kahit 5$, pramis.

For our BUENA MANO, ladies and Gentlemen and in betweens, please welcome….the crazy beautiful….


She blogs here –>

She’s actually my cuzin for 25 years. Hehehe, 25 years old na kase sya eh. Mga ka-bords (can I borrow it, Chuva), bisitahin nyo naman ang blog nya fleeaassee and paki-add sa blogroll nyo hehehe! She’s one beautiful lady you would love to be friends with. A Charlene Gonzales look alike! She’s also lukresia, like me. SEXY. JOLOGS. UBER CUTE. SMART and altogether LOVELY.

Thank you and see you on the next episode of our BLOG OF THE MOMENT!!!


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  1. ate malen! nagulat ako at ako’y na-i-feature mo, medyo bigla akong napa-bisit sa blog ko…ano ba ang mga pinagsusulat ko doon?! haha! teynks , tmalen! :em34: :em32:

    1. :em32: Hahahaha

      :em47: Kagwapo jud nimo bords! Wa na ka update. Mingaw na ka sa im ug sa imong blog. I will feature you on the next BLOG OF THE MOMENT episode, ha?

      You don’t like? Ok, bye, thanks. lol

    1. hahah…awww…maganda talaga yan…dahil birds of the same feather are the same species. lol. Thanks for visiting…but, oh noooo….she is taken already. Happily ever after sa kanyang sweetie for years already. Tsuri…may ire-reto na lang ako sayo, you like?

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