Kill Germs With Ultraviolet Light

I have a friend who is asthmatic and had an inhaler in her possession all the time. She easily find it hard to breathe when surrounded with smoke and yes, even dust. She lives with her husband and 2 kids in a somewhat hazardous environment for her. It’s actually an ancestral home – an old style stone house – and it is impossible to completely eliminate dust mites from it.


One major offender of asthma is dust. While it’s impossible to remove dust, what you can do to avoid Asthma attacks is to remove allergens and pollutants from the air by using “air cleaner” or an “air purifier.” There are several types of air purifiers that you can try such as the ones that’s capable of killing germs with ultraviolet light. If you want to know some of the basic brands, have more information on the different filtration systems, and suggest a few you might want to consider purchasing, check out

Remember, Asthma is a serious disease, and it can kill if it is not treated the right way. If you can’t cure Asthma problems, at least, try to prevent it while you can. Start living a normal life, breathe cleaner air and be happy!


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