Sing and dance along with Cher on May 2008!

Here’s one secret I’d like to share to you all, whenever there are reunions, parties and yes, even EBs, you’ll find me most of the time singing out loud and dancing wildly along with music on videoke. I’m such a huge fan of funky and upbeat songs. I get so wacky and funny whenever I get hold of the mic. You should see me in one of my favorite performances of all time – Cher’s Strong Enough. I get really really crazy and lousy. Haha. Do you remember that song from the multi-talented Pop diva, Cher? I’m sure you do.

‘Cos I’m strong enough
To live without you
Strong enough and I quit crying
Long enough now I’m strong enough
To know you gotta go

There’s no more to say
So save your breath
And then walk away
No matter what I hear you say
I’m strong enough to know you gotta go

I am such a fan of Cher. Even with a career spanning over 4 decades already, she¬† continues to entertain millions of her fans world wide! Watch her perform at Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas on May, 2008 and experience a different kind of entertainment. Get your Cher Tickets at Caesars Palace now. I’m sure, it will be a very exciting production just like her last concert tour (The Farewell Tour) which lasted for 3 years and included a huge stage production that looked back on her 40 years in the film/TV and music industry.

Sing and dance along with Cher on May 2008! Reserve your tickets as early as now, bring along your mom and friends for a night of fun and music. It’s a must-see for every Cher fan out there. I guarantee you, you’ll love it.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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