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I am really grateful that my web hosting service is free of charge. I was very fortunate indeed to have a sponsorship last year, but, it will end/expire this coming April. I’m not sure yet if my host will extend my sponsorship but I really hope they will. So far, I am loving their service, in fact, I might continue getting a hosting package from them but I’m still keeping my options open. As early as now, I am already scouting for the cheapest yet reliable web hosting company around. I have been reading reviews, checking out forums and asking some real techie blogmates for advices and recommendations. It’s a tough decision. Choosing the wrong host can cause you many troubles especially if you’re into monetizing your blog. One of my blog friends did not get paid on some of her paid posts because her site was always down. If you have the same dilemma, check out the list of best web hosting service recommended by Kaushal Sheth. Switch to excellent web host now and stop your worries.



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