My Birthday Wishlist

A month from now, I will be turning 20++. My goodness, I can’t believe it, I am getting a year older again yet I still feel like I am only 18 years old. Well, I always believe that aging is just a state of mind. I may have those facial lines already but deep in my heart, I am very young. Hahaha.

I’m not sure if I’ll have a party or just have dinner with family and some friends. Maybe, a blog party will be enough, right?

To those of you who are gracious and generous, I’m already accepting gifts and cash. LOL. Seriously, if you’re planning to send me gifts, I will appreciate anything especially personalized leather journals from KK James London. I really love writing, in fact, I always keep a journal with me wherever I go. I have tons of diaries that I still keep ’til now.

I also want to have leather passport covers, also from KK James London. Yeah, a stylish leather cover to protect my passport from wearing and tearing! This world is full of possibilities, who knows, I might travel Europe this year! LOL. This is such a great year to reward myself. I have worked hard for the past years and the only thing I bought for myself was a cellphone. I would really like to travel outside the country. Ruth and I are planning a trip to HK this year and I’m ecstatic about it! But I’m actually not decided yet. I’m still thinking if I should just buy a new laptop instead.

Guys, don’t be shy! If you feel the need to send me those gifts, send them now and keep them coming! Thank you in advance! 🙂


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