Mango Cherry Avocado Salad Recipe

I love cooking but my very hectic schedule doesn’t allow me to cook as often as I used to. I don’t want to sound bias but I think, I am good at cooking. Yeah, really. You can ask my siblings and my cousins. They’ve always been satisfied with my cooking ever since, I believe. My favorites are veggies and seafood dishes, but due to my very busy schedule, I now prefer dishes that’s easy to prepare like veggie salad! They’re very refreshing, easy to eat and really healthy.

If you’re also into veggie/seafood diet, I highly recommend Burgoo’s seafood salad. Really yummy. It has generous serving of fresh lettuce, shredded crab meat, calamari and grilled shrimps. I super love its dressing. Another favorite is Teriyaki Boy’s Kani Salad. Been searching the web for the exact recipe they used for the dressing but can’t find any. This is what I found instead, It is a food portal designed for all the food lovers out there! It’s like Friendster or MySpace for foodies where you can submit your recipes for free nutritional analysis, share your recipes and discuss recipe ideas and techniques and connect with other food lovers. Isn’t that cool?

I might try their recipe for Mango Cherry Avocado Salad on my rest day. It looks really delicious. Visit now, get connected with your fellow foodies and have fun!



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