Gucci Gang Controversy: DJ Montano, Celine Lopez, Tina Tinio etc.

This is a little late, I know. I should have blogged about this the sooner it came out but hey, I am not a SOCIALITE, just a plain social climber and I’d like to leave internet gossips like this out of my trying-to-be-wholesome blog.

But I can’t just ignore this know why? Because I’ve been getting a lot of hits the past days all searching for CHUVANESS, CHUVANESS HATE, CHUVANESS ARMY, CHUVANESS HATE MAIL, CHUVANESS ZAMORA, CHUVANESS GUCCI GANG

Who the heck is the GUCCI GANG, anyway??

I will explain them to you to the best of my knowledge. Charing!

Whether it’s true or not, the alleged members of the ‘GUCCI GANG’ are Manila’s A-lister, the SOCIALITES you see in magazines and newspapers like Celine Lopez, Tim Yap, Wendy Puyat, Tina Tinio and Jackie Cohen Antonio etc.

And what do they do? Nang i-snatch ba sila ng GUCCI BAGS?

Nope! The socialites daw are cocaine users, freeloaders (mga mahilig mag pa-libre?) and wild clubbers daw.

Si Celine Lopez lang ang knows ko. Image model ang lola ng Plains & Prints, and who doesn’t know Tim Yap of Celebrity Duets?

Now, why are these gossipers landing on my blog? That’s because Chuvaness of Chuvaness.Com is also a part of GUCCI GANG daw. Again, thst’s the SOSYAL na chuvaness of…not the poor Chuvaness here who gets her nose bleeding when English-ing. LOL

Someone even left this comment here:

Chuvaness is related to this people. Search, CELINE LOPEZ, TIM YAP and XENG ZULUETA in and you could see most of their photos there were taken by CECILE ZAMORA. They are friends. Chuvaness posted on her blog an entry telling people to check because there’s something in there- THIS BLOG. After a while, this particular entry of hers VANISHED. Obviously the wasn’t-able-to-get-over-her-rave days girl deleted it because these people (GUCCI GANG) will be mad at her for joining in the bandwagon of promoting this blog. Coward nga. But I understand her.

Chuvaness had a blog bashing and making fun of beggars which she also deleted. After a lot of bashing, she posted an entry which had pictures of her being kissed by street children after watching the bilyjoe concert in araneta. I’m not matapobre and I do give people help but do I need to have my pictures taken like that? PLASTIK.

Her friend really looks like Tina Tinio or maybe has the same body:


Chuvaness asked her ARMY to stop reading this blog. Which is funny because she said on her blog that she was GLUED and then after comments about her started to come out, she tells her ARMY to stop reading this blog. FUNNY.

Her kusinero husband parang said that this blog has already became pang-masa. Trust me, our drivers and maids and their families still don’t know this and my friends and I READ every post and comment but I’m certainly not from the masa class.

And lastly, I doubt that readers of her blogs won’t check this site. The reason they go there primarily is because of gossip. And if you’re in search for gossip, I DOUBT YOU’LL BE MISSING THE POSTS HERE.


P.s: CECILE ZAMORA really looks like a SLIGHTLY younger and TIRED Baby

I don’t know if it’s true and I don’t care. Ang care ko lang is the traffic I’m getting with all this name-calling and mudslinging Manila’s high society controversy! Hehehe. The issue is getting out of hand. They’re bringing it to courts, I read. Which court? One of the biggest internet gossips so far. It’s sooo big you see it in the front page of news paper


They’re also in Wikipedia

Still clueless of what the issue is about? Ganito daw yun:

Starring Brian Gorrel and DJ Montano. Ex-lovers. Brian is Australian and DJ Montano is a Filipino socialite and lifestyle columnist. They broke up kase DJ cheated on him daw. And this so-called socialite DJ Montano owed him 70,000$.

You know what it feels when you’ve been robbed (with 70,000$), rejected and left alone diba. You feel bad and depress….. worst is, when you feel you’ve been cheated, natural mente, you want to get even! You’ll do everything in your powers to get your money back and to get revenge! You need an outlet to release your depression diba and the easiest way is to blog about it.

So Brian Gorrell published his accusations against his former boyfriend through his BLOG. He also accused Montano’s well-to-do friends like Celine Lopez, Tina Tinio aka “Gucci Gang”, of attempting to cover up the deed. Naming names. People bashing. Edi lumabas na ang mga baho ng SOCIALITES.

Social climbing at its worst, right?

This is my take on the issue. I don’t want to sound like may pinapanigan ako. Ganito lang yun, whether you’re part of the ELITES or JOLOGS group, kung may utang…mag bayad. If you can’t afford cash, edi installment. And the greatest moral of the whole story is…again, whether you’re part of the ELITES or JOLOGS group…DO NOT EVER EVER CHEAT because KARMA is just around the corner.

Pag ni blog ko ba yung tumitira ng coccaine sa kanto namin, will you also, people in the Philippines, care so much and blog about them? Nope diba. Heck, even if I report them sa mga pulis patolas, they wont even care.

Wag naten masyadong ilagay sa pedestal ang mga socialites na yan. Because just like you and me, they’re also human, prone to make mistakes. But since these people are public figures and popular, they should be responsible with their acts, otherwise, makita lang silang mangulangot in public, haaay…pag pi-piyestahan talaga sila. That’s the price they have to pay for being fame grabbers, power trippers and uber social climber slash users.

Kaya with one voice, let’s all rise up and shout…


On the other hand, I pity those people involved in this issue. This is not a WIN-WIN situation. You think DJ Montano and the Gucci Gang will ever pay Brian after all the bad things he said about them? I doubt it. I think they wont pay not even PISO because the damage is soo big it can’t be fixed.

So to Bryan and all the Gucci Gang members, I hope you can STILL find non-violent ways to resolve your conflicts. Let’s spread LOVE and WORLD PEACE mga kabisyo!!!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. It’s NOT fair that you dragged in your blog entry. She is NOT related to the Gucci gang. It’s awful that you are capitalizing on her name in order to get web site hits. Please disassociate her from the Brian Gorrell scandal. She is a private person who is not even friends with the people involved.

    1. Mr. Sam, even before this Gucci Gang and that DJ-Bryan blog came into fame, may trapik na itong blog na ito, mas madami sa trapik ng mo! if you read her entry above she is just explaining her side that she is not the chuvaness that was mentioned in Brian’s blog. plain and simple. semana santa ngayon ayaw ko magkasala pero nanununtok ako ng mga taong engot magbasa at sumusugod sa mga blog, tapos pa ingles ingles eh di naman marunong magbasa ng buod ng post. Kamag-anak ka ba ni Jenina?

      Uminom ka ng holy water mister malvar para luminis yang kukote mo kasi mukhang puro kalawang ang nasa bibig mo.

      Ang may ari ng blog na ito ay di marunong makipag away kaya if I where you I will not accuse the owner of this blog because she’s not like that. I’m challenging you na dun ka dumayo sa blog ko at lalaki sa lalaki natin pagusapan yang bulate mo sa pwet kasi para kang babae na kating kating manampal. Si Sam Malvar kaba o Si Sam Milby? kung lahi ka ni sam milby dun ka kay Reyna dumayo at dun phihado masasaktan ka.

      BTW, para makumpleto ang pag kaengot mo, puntahan mo rin si, baka sakaling naghahanap din sya ng trapik na tulad ng sinasabi mo, mag litanya ka rin ng katarantaduhan mo dun mahal na araw naman. Tutulungan pa kitang humanap ng iba pang bloggers na may Chuva- din ang handle. tapos ipa copyright mo yang chuvaness at isaksak mo sa baga mo!

      Minsan lang ako magalit talaga. Pero palagi ko pinagdadasal sa araw araw ay iadya ako sa TANGA!

    2. AMEN hahaha!

      Mr. SAM, you just gave me an idea. Since I am the WIFE of Chuvaness, therefore, I will blog about this one as well.


      I already have a lot of traffic, but who does not want traffic? I DO!


    3. Di naman natin masabing nakikitraffic lang din yang si Malvar dahil wala naman syang URL na nilagay so hindi natin alam kung ano talaga pakay nya. Pero mas maganda talaga kung magbabasa ka muna ng buo bago ka magcomment kase magmumukha ka talagang tanga. Ang layo sa putukan deng. Hahaha!

      Ang chauvinist ba katunog din ng chuva*|*?

      alis muna ko bluep, punta ko ng shanghai. whoohoo!!!

    4. umagang umaga uminit ulo ko dito. nananahimik si malen, dami na nyang problema sa buhay dadagdagan pa ng kung sinong anonymous.

      ako din reynz, gagawa din ako ng entry, pang asar lang. di porket mahihirap ang mga tao dito eh kaya na nilang maliitin. nageexplain na nga yung tao na hindi sya si chuvaness, minantakan naman ng panghuhusga.

      pareng KK,bili ka nga ng hopia sa shanghai at ibigay mo dito kay Mr. Malvar, puro kahopyaan pinagsasasabi.

    5. Anak ng Pitong Puting Pating, Pakilala ka, pumunta ka dito sa quezon, panuntok tayo gago ka. ako pa tatawagin mo na bakla. sabihin mo address mo tangna ka, pupuntahan kita. Pati babae pinapatulan mo. Tarantadong to ako pa hahamunin, siraulo ako pag nagagalit. baka lang pag nagkaharap tayo wala ka maimik sa akin. wag mong sabihin na hindi marunong magalit mga seminarista anak ka ng teteng. pakilala ka DUWAG!

    6. @pusa – ang bargas kasi ng gagong yan. kala mo kung sinong matapang duwag naman. Pati babae pinapatulan. Ingit sa trapik!

      @Malvar – Tarantado ka pakilala ka. sino saten ang hampas lupa? pumunta ka dito sa teritoryo ko at sparing tayo, walang makikialam sayo atin sa mga tambay dito, at ipapakain ko sa iyo lupa namin. kahit isang milyong lote ng nitso kaya kaya kitang ibaon. hanapin mo picture ko dito sa blog na ito. andun ako at bahay namin tarantado ka. di lahat ng mga mahihirap eh hampas lupa. Hindi nyo kami katulad na nilulustay ang pera sa droga at pinagkakalandakan na mayaman, mga wala naman. Kami pinaghihirapan namin ang pera namin para mabuhay ng marangal. baka pag pumunta ka sa probinsya namin mapahiya ka. kahit magsasaka dito semento ang bahay. Sa lalaki ka lumaban at hindi sa babae anak ka ng nanay mo!

      kung talagang matapang ka ilantad mo sarili mo. Duwag lang ang di lumalaban ng parehas. email mo address mo sa akin at pupuntahan kita. magkaharap tayo lalaki sa lalaki gago. gumalang ka sa babae at magbasa ka ng di ka nagmumukhang tanga!

    7. hoy bluep! wag mong lapastanganin ang mga hopia ko at ihanay jan kay general malvar, hahaha! special ang hopia ko no.

      Meron na kong drafted updates from the Hopia Wonderland – The Subway Chronicles, hahaha! Pasistang Subway yan, pinadugo ang ilong ko kahapon 😉

  2. pasok sa banga! daming hits nyan mare hahaha

    “Pag ni blog ko ba yung tumitira ng coccaine sa kanto namin, will you also, people in the Philippines, care so much and blog about them? Nope diba. Heck, even if I report them sa mga pulis patolas, they wont even care.” korak ka jan

    hanef sa world peace, pang binibining pilipinas :em47:

  3. nakausap ko ang asawa ng pinsan ng kapitbahay ng driver ng uncle na dating classmate nung tatay ng isang member ng gucci gang, at isang bagay na sinabi nya ang di ko malilimutan..

    totoong mahilig sila sa coke!

    coke diet nga lang lols

  4. waaaah! dina kita mareach! sikat na sikat ka na! turuan mo nga ako ng mga tactics mo sa pagsosocial climbing at nang yumaman din ako. hehehe. im so proud of you! :em33:

  5. bluep: Don’t call me “Mr”. Hindi ako lalaki. Sam is Samantha, for short.

    ikaw ang uminom ng holy water. matakot ka sa diyos. isa kang hampaslupang bakla. Baka ikaw, pati babae, pinapatulan mo.

    Isa kang dukha.


    1. Ows talaga babae ka? o baka nagpapangap na babae haha

      saka mo lang sinabi na babae ka nung hinamon kita ng panuntok eh. kanina di mo masabi kung babae ka e. baka naman talagang lalaki ka at naduwag ka lang kasi talagang pupuntahan kita kahit taga saan ka pa.

      kung babae ka talaga mag aapologize ako sayo ipakita mo sa amin mukha mo. ilink mo blog mo. magsusulat pa ako dito ng written apology. ako unang unang babawi sa mga sinabi ko. pero kung nagpapangap ka lang na babae at sa totoo ay BAKLA ka, wag mo nang gawin dahil lalo ka lang masasaktan sa akin.

      me maniniwala ba na babae ka eh ni ayaw mo nga magpakita ng anino mo.

      salamat dukha talaga ako. di mo katulad mayaman kunwari haha

      matagal na ako nagmumog ng holy water, ikaw ang maghugas nyang kwan mo sa baba ng holy water kasi nagpapangap ka. baka sakaling magkaroon ng himala at maging tunay na babae ka nga haha

      Duwag. gago ako pa lolokohin mo. walang gamot sa tanga LOL hindi ako natatakot sa Diyos dahil alam ko sa sarili ko na makasalanan ako at di ako perpekto. IKAW ANG MATAKOT SA DIYOS DAHIL GALIT ANG DITYOS SA MGA TRAYDOR NA TULAD MO NA WALANG ALAM GAWIN KUNGDI MAGTAGO SA LIKOD NG KUNWARING PANGALAN.

      Magbasa ka sa blog ko, at isasahin mo. ni minsan di ko pinagkalandakan na perpekto at banal ako. kulang na nga lang iblog ko mga kasalana ko. di mo tulad, mayaman, perpekto atkunwari babae haha. Duwag! Supot! Kupal! hahaha

    2. puso mo bluep… semana santa ngayon kaya maraming hudas hestas at barabas. Patawarin na lang natin yang si Sam, di nya alam ang kanyang ginagawa.. hehe!

    3. mga vaklaaaaaaaaa!! anong kaguluhan to?! :em62:

      heto naman kasing si sam malvar na matapobre, kung umasta eh. huwag ka naman kasinig biglang pasok sa isang blog, tapos – may I defend ka ng chuvaness eh hindi mo naman kilalalang chuvaness na talaga ito may ari ng blog na to. kaya cool ka lang. kung mag-co comment ka, huwag kang padaskol daskol dyan. naturingan pa naman na mataas ang pinagaralan mo.. san ba kamo, st. scho ba or assumption? nakow, dami kong kakilala dyan nung namamalimos kami riyan ng nanay ko. marami ding mabait diyan..

      hoy bluep – – huwag ka ngang kakain ng lechong kawali ng masyadong ma-aga ha.. baka ang puso natin.. :em70: hinay hinay lang… kasi kung kukulo ang dugo mo sa mga iliteradang yan, eh ikaw ang lugi. mataas daw pinag-aralan, kung umasta naman… hindi naman niya kilala si chuvaness dito.. aysus ginuo! kaya relax ka lang.. malapit na drawing ng ipod, sigurado ko panalo ka. :em55:

  6. Dear Chuvaness,
    This is your alter ego, Chuvaness.
    Please don’t blog about me na lang because I am not a Gucci gang.
    Please don’t fight na.
    Peace, sam malvar and Bluep.
    Happy Easter!


  7. uhmmm…

    kumukulo na rin dugo ko sa mahilig magmalaking kayabangan este kayamanan…

    @sam malvar – ang terminologies mo ay pang bading nde pangbabae – sori ka….

    at ikaw rin ata ang gumawa ng noh?

    Ikaw ang social na walang blog, wahahahaha

  8. malen!!! kailangan namin ng polisiya ditetch!!! may rambulan sa bahay mooooooo!!! hahaha!!

    musta ka na teng?! oo nga, nung makita ko yung isang na-mention dun sa blog ni brian, eh naisip kita… sabi ko – nakow, siguradong maliligaw ang mga viewers ni chuvaness.livejournal sa

    ayun na nga…

    teka, may naging katulong ba kayong sam malvar? eh mukhang naghihiganti dito sa blog mo eh.. siguro inalila mo sya ng husto no? :em62:

  9. i so love the frenzy over the gucci gang shebang. ngayon ko lang NAKUNPIRM (baklese for confirm), universal ang kacheapan. mayaman o hindi, kung cheap ka, CHEAP KA talaga. as for the gucci gang, keri lang yan. at least your talked about. at nagiging mainstream masa na ang aura nyo. keep up the good work.


    dead skin.


    ms chuvanes, keri mo na maging voice-over ng gossip girl, the masang pinoy edition. go!

    1. …haLa!!!biglang sumikat si sino ngayong nanakawan daw kuno???
      ..brayan gorrellia???
      …hahaha!!!..pwede nagawing pilekuka ANG iskandalo nila!!!
      ..ang pamagat ay the thief and the thiefer!!!..wahahahaha!!!
      …gandang plot tsong!!!..mayaman ba yan sila???..siguro si celine mayaman siya!!!..siyaba yong may,ari ng ABS-CBN!!!
      …grave naman siya!!!..bingyan niya ng kahihiyan pamilya niya!!!! the way my way!!..i really like her!!! damn much!!!

  10. :em47: bwahaha…nice speech….and very clear ang casting at story…PWEDE NA GAWING PELIKULA…ano TITLE??? I rabbed your $70.000?????

  11. hi guys! i’m newbie here.. i just want to ask where i can find Brian Gorell’s exact blogspot coz i really want to read what he exactly said about the issue and how some socialites got involved.. hehe! ty and more power!

  12. hmm, wawa naman si Brian, mukhang di n rin tlga sya babayaran nun. as he said, sobrang adik nga ng gucci gang na un. malamang lahat ng pera nila inuubos nila sa droga. hahaha!

    anyway, suportahan natin si brian at pabagsakin ang Gucci Gang!
    tama ka chuvaness, “wag natin ilagay sa pedestal ang mga yan”
    tulad natin mabaho rin ang tae ng mga yan!
    ahahahaha. cge na nga bka meron ditong walang amoy ang ebak – peace!

    chuvaness add kita sa link ko ha, nice blog by the way!
    newbie lang rin ako, 2 weeks p lng. more power!

  13. go brian! unmasked those high class elite KUNO??? GG??? it means GALUNGGONG, a kind of fish usually buy/eat by poor filipino.BWAHAHAHAHAHA! :em32:

  14. im inviting everyone out there to share any info you know about this.Mr. Gorrell has cross the line already,and a group of concerned Filipinos are not taking this lightly.

    I KNEW IT!Brian is posting comments as anonymous on his blog!I saw something like

    from BRIAN:
    “brian were here to support you ,boracay people loves you” next to brian’s picture tapos nag blip yung picture 9 ulit yung comment instead of 10.bwhahaha!!!huli ka Brian!

    HAHAHA!!!Mr. Gorrell,natataranta na sa dami ng nagagalit sa panlalait nya sa tao ayan tuloy nakalimutan muna mag log out sa account nya bago mag post nga comment sa sarili nyang blog!

    anyway,there are other Filipinos who are skeptical about him,me included,there are so many loopholes in his stiry and he has now shown his true color by ranting against Filipinos and everything about the Philippines,by the way,please visit this site so you can see what i am talking about,a lot of stuff out there about brian is posted there,we are actually conducting background check on gorrell.

    see :

  15. WTF. brian is a loose cannon but most of his claims do check out.
    heard that ciara sevilla is back in town. also a rumor that lucia palami was in rehab thus the 2-month hiatus from the social scene.

  16. i’m a little behind the chika as well but better late than never! bwahaha. the site is my guilty pleasure :em32:
    shocking kc i have met and woked with some of those in the GG list.i met DJ Montano sa bridal party ni Assunta de Rossi a few years back. I didnt know he was this type of guy. Very soft-spoken. But yeah i have heard rumors about him. si lucia palami naman is not a socialitean, ex lang ng of one of those in the so called GG list (clue: AA) gorgeous, but no don’t think she was in rehab for the coke. :em42:

  17. i’m a little behind the chika as well but better late than never! bwahaha. the site is my guilty pleasure :em32:
    shocking kc i have met and woked with some of those in the GG list.i met DJ Montano sa bridal party ni Assunta de Rossi a few years back. I didnt know he was this type of guy. Very soft-spoken. But yeah i have heard rumors about him. si lucia palami naman is not a socialite, an ex lang ng of one of those in the so called GG list (clue: AA) gorgeous, but no don’t think she was in rehab for the coke. :em42:

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