How To Pass A Job Interview

4 interviews in 8 grueling hours, imagine my head exploding….and my English slowly vanishing and my nose bleeding. LOL. That’s one of the most intensive interviews I’ve had in my life.

While I don’t want to sound like I know everything, allow me to share to you some nice tips you can try when dealing with job interviews. It may work for you too.

  • 1st, wear comfortable clothes. Wear something you’ll look good on. Try to look smart. Nasa pagdadala yan.
  • 2nd, take a super deep breath. It can release the tension somehow, and then smile.
  • 3rd, never try to pretend that you know something that you don’t.
  • 4th, show that you are human. Use your sense of humor. Laugh genuinely.
  • 5th, remember your past achievements in life. Like winning the poster making contest, being the class Valedictorian, Best in Conduct, Best in Handwriting, Best in Scrabble, Best in Religion etc. It will build up your self confidence, believe me.
  • 6th, don’t take it personally. If they don’t want you, fine!
  • Lastly, make an impression that will make them hire you.

The manager asked me the reason why I resigned already even without landing on a sure job first

and this was my answer…

Because I have a fall back and it pays me more than what I earn from my current job…like 40,000 pesos a month.


I write essays. LOL. I write reviews and they pay me in dollars.

And he said, you should teach me that.

End result is…I got the job. Guess I wont be a full time blogger soon…tsk tsk tsk. Hay…I need a break!!!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. hey! that’s what i’m planning to say in my futue interviews…

    interviewer: you’re an OFW ad most Pinoys are vying to work abroad, why would you resign without securing the next station. i mean you’re raising a family.

    me: oo nga no. LOL!

  2. pwedeng mag-link, este, mag-add diyan sa tips mo? hehe. i blogged about it also, pero unlike you, medyo asar ako nun dahil ako yung naginterview at wala man lang effort yung iba to do what you did..

    pero agree ako most sa 3rd and 4th tips mo. some people feel so nervous about talking to their potential employers that they forget hello, this is just a conversation to find out if you’re both fit for each other. naiintimidate kasi sila pag mukhang masungit yung interviewer. hindi dapat ganon ang mindset, diba?

  3. i had been reading your blog but this is the first time i’ll comment on it. you write well, and it’s a joy reading your entries. i like your kakulitan. and when you state things in english, wow, nosebleed at its finest talaga :em50:

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