Why I Love Tennis

I’ve always been a fan of tennis. It’s one of my favorite sports, aside from swimming and badminton. I used to watch a lot of Tennis Cup matches before. What I love about watching this Sports is the excitement it gives plus you can see many different personalities and you can see girls in tennis skirts. Don’t get me wrong, ok, I think they’re just lovely to look at and I am so dying to have lean athletic legs that look great and work great too. One of my favorites tennis player is Martina Hingis and Andre Agassi, both retired. I used to adore Martina a lot until she was banned from tennis for two years due to cocaine offense. Another all time favorite tennis superstar is Serena Williams. Imagine, she has won eight Grand Slam singles titles already!

And because I so love this Sports, I took up tennis lessons years ago. Do you know that playing this Sport burns more calories than aerobics, inline skating, or cycling? It is really very tiring but very enjoyable. It helps improve your cardiovascular fitness and maintain your higher energy levels. It’s definitely one Sports I am going to teach my kids in the future.

Do you also have a passion for this Sports? If you want to play tennis too, well, first thing you need to have is comfortable clothes and quality equipments. I personally prefer tennis skorts than skirts. At tennisplaza.com, they have a wide selection of comfortable tennis apparel for you.

They have men and women’s tennis polo shirt which is very popular nowadays. And if you’re looking for different types of tennis strings, such as the one that don’t slide during play, tennisplaza.com also have them for you.

They provide convenient, one-stop internet shopping for all your tennis-related needs. Choose the most appropriate racquets, strings, shoes, and other gear for you at tennisplaza now. Enjoy!


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