I will STOP My Internet Addiction Disorder, NOW!

If you haven’t comb your hair, brushed your teeth, haven’t fixed your bed and its already noon, have callous on your right hand, can’t concentrate without checking your email, or if you find yourself eating BRUNCH everyday or missing out lunch and dinner, if you feel strongly attached to your virtual friends, if google is your early morning and late night rituals, then for sure you know you have acquired IAD!

IAD is divided into subtypes, such as;

  • watching pornography

  • gaming

  • involvement in online social networking sites (friendster, multiply..etc.), chatrooms and  blogging community

  • Internet shopping addiction

  • And all other internet  activities that interfere with your normal life.

Have you asked yourself why you spend so much time on internet? Is it controlling your lifestyle? Is it eating you? Is it consuming your life? Is it affecting your work?

Most likely, if you are spending too many hours internet-ing, you are looking for ways too hide your loneliness or depression.  You tend  to look for an outlet to release your bad feelings, to connect with other people, to find belongingness. Not that everything’s wrong about it but what’s scary is when you start to be like this:


Here are some powerful tips on how you can stop your Internet Addiction Disorder!

  • Cut the computer power cord.

  • Cut your DSL lines

  • Install Internet Security

  • Configure Parental Control on your router

  • Dis-assemble your PC

  • Place your computer in the least comfortable room in the house.

  • Intentionally put virus on your PC

  • Subscribe to the worst ISP

There are many ways to become disconnected from the internet but it sure takes a lot of courage and discipline. I have very high regard to those people who can stay away from it and those who can put balance between their cyber life with their real-world life because I can’t do it.  No matter how I try, I can’t just ignore my paid opps and you…..my dear blogmates. 

Ok, once and for all…I will STOP my internet addiction disorder!


NOT!!! hahaha



Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. hahaha!

    sana kaya kong gawin yn.
    i really feel destructed pag hindi ko na open my accounts q online.

    im hopeless!

    btw, npadaan lng po at nkibasa.
    nice post.hehehe

    1. tsk. tsk. tsk. may pag asa pa bro. lol. but if your job depends on computer and internet a lot, you’re left with no choice naman eh and i don’t see anything wrong with that.. kaya internet all the way! i think the scary part is when you’re at home lang, tapos 24×7 nakababad ka sa pc, and you’re not generating income at all…hinde na maganda yun

    1. nyahaha…uu, guilty your honor din ako. as long as healthy pa rin naman ang lifestyle and you think you’re growing naman as a person, i think ok lang lang mag adik sa net hahahah

    2. lol!! healthy ba yung trabaho – internet, trabaho-internet …walang tulugan hehehehe! at walang social life lol…pinaringgan na naman ako ni Malu Fernandez nito lol!

  2. naku malen, ano kaya magiging reaction mo pag nabasa mo yung bagong article ni malu fernandez sa manila standard today? hindi naman siya full blown article about bloggers pero may nabanggit siya don about people who spend a lot of time in front of the PC… 🙂

    1. haha sige na nga. hindi na rin ako nag-blog tungkol doon pero i sent a comment to their editorial bashing them and the article para naman malaman nila hindi nakakatuwa na nagpupublish pa sila ng basurang katulad niya. 🙂

    1. mwahehehehe adik lol!! kalahati lang nyan ang inuubos ko na oras sa net kasi yung tatlong oras tulog ko na yun e lol!!

      sensya na sis kung umeentra ako lagi ka kasi nagpaparamdam sa inbox ko e lol!

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