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Women and handbags are inseparable! Most of us, ladies, definitely hold our bags/handbags as a prized possession. We carry it everywhere we go, unlike men, it puzzles me how they can ever go out without bringing anything at all! I really find it hard to go outside without bringing my favorite TOUS handbag:

It contains a lot of stuff – my phone, planner, perfume, keys, wallet and many other things. I guess I could throw all of those things into a plastic bag and save myself a lot of money from buying bags but that would be incredibly boring. Besides, carrying an adorable bag is a fashion statement.

They’re very convenient, trendy and yes, useful. Do you love handbags too? Well if you do, here is an awesome website where you can check the latest handbags in the fashion market! is an online community for all the fashionistas out there. You can check out the latest and coolest trends! Join the fun at the stylehive community, sign up now, it’s free! You can bookmark and share your hottest finds to your friends and blog about them. C’mon, embrace that little fashionista in you!


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  1. i love bags too. pero it’s a luxury for me now, kasi the nice ones are usually expensive, and alam mo naman, kailangan mommy mode lagi tayo sa finances! hehe.

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