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I have been blogging for 4 years but I only started my first self-hosted blog just October last year and I must say that it’s more enjoyable and fulfilling. Truth is, I haven’t enjoyed blogging more than ever until I switched to my own domain and self-hosted blog.

If your blog involves money making, you should host it to a reliable webhost provider. I tell you, you’ll get greater chance to earn more money than using a free blog portal like wordpress.com. You’ll have plenty of room to grow! Believe me, I should know all that. I haven’t earned that much from blogging but for me, 400$ in a month is pretty decent. Aren’t you convinced yet?

Start by checking webhostingchoice.com – it is a free online source to choosing the right web host for your blog or business site. They have a list of the best and most recommended hosting provider that’s right for your budget. From a small site to a large e-commerce website, they have everything for you!

Check out the web hosting choice available in their website now and start earning more!



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