Pro Gobbler is giving away a 1 GB Ipod Shuffle on April 1st, 2008!

Heads up guys!

Pro Gobbler dot Net is running a contest!! Pro Gobbler will be giving out a BNIB 1 GB Ipod Shuffle to one lucky winner.

Asking why he’s giving away this highly-popular gadget? Because he’s ultra generous to share part of his good fortunes earned from blogging since July ’07 – a total of $7,383.93!!!!

That’s 295,357.20 Pesosesoses in 8 months!!!! You see, there’s money in blogging! If you’re a social climber, masipag, matyaga and madiskarte, money will come easy! Learn all the tips and tricks in paid blogging at Pro Gobbler dot Net. I tell you, it’s worth every second of your time.

You shouldn’t let go of every chances like this. As long as you’re healthy, grab all opportunities in life!

Getting down to the “Gobble Gobble Contest”…


It is easy to enter. Each type of entry will provide you a different amount of entry points. International Entries accepted. This contest is GLOBAL.

* Comment equals 1 entry point
* Linkback equals 2 entry points
* Stumble on Stumble Upon equals 3 entry points
* RSS subscription equals 3 entry points
* 50 word site review equals 5 entry points
* Adding Progobbler as a Technorati Favorite equals 5 entry points


You may leave a comment about any of our available posts (except the contest post) and provide a valid email address and URL of your blog. You can say whatever you like about the post. Positive, negative or neutral still creates an entry. Comment should be comprehensive about the post and not just an “I agree” or “I disagree” comment.

2. Linkback

A linkback on your blogroll will constitute as 2 entries. The link must remain on your site for at least 30 days. 😉

3. Stumble Upon

Stumble on any of our posts and provide us feedback on Stumble Upon and we will count your stumble as 3 entries.

4. RSS Subscription

Enter your email address as a subscriber on our RSS feed and we will give you 3 entries. Subscription must remain for at least 30 days.

5. A 50 word site review

If you provide a review on your blog regarding Pro Gobbler dot Net with a 50 word minimum, we will give you 5 entries. You must include a link back to this site with this anchor text: Pro Gobbler dot Net.

6. Adding Pro Gobbler dot Net as a Favorite on Technorati

If you add our site as a favorite on Technorati, we will give you 5 entries provided we remain as a favorite for a minimum of 30 days. Of course we’d like you to make us a favorite forever.. but we ask for 30 days minimum.

How many times may you enter?

You may create entries using all of the requested entry requirements above and garner a total of 19 points. However, you may not repeat one requirement to add another entry (i.e. commenting twice will not provide you 2 entries). If you comment once (1), create a 50 word review on your blog (5) , and give us a linkback on your blog roll (2), you earn a total of 8 entries.

This contest is available to anyone in the world. Ipod will be shipped where the winner is located.

Deadline for entries: March 31, 2008


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. wooohoo!! I love this post! Very comprehensive indeed and talagang malinaw ang pag ka chorva!! Dami mong entries Malen.. Si bluep din, kinakabog ang entries – – -nakow.. sarap ng contest!!!!

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