I dream of a condo unit but for now, all I want is a nice apartment

I want to have my own condo unit someday. I want to have a mansion too, a garden, a rest house, a villa or hacienda but for now, all I want is a condo unit that’s near my office. I am so tired of bumping into heavy traffic each day while going back and forth to work. On average, I usually spend 4 hours on my travel time alone. Since I cannot afford a condo unit, I might try getting an apartment that’s closer to where I work instead. Do you have any suggestions? You know how hard it is to look for apartment these days. In fact, it could take many hours even days of walking and tiring search.

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  1. san ka ba nagw-work? kung sa makati, cityland in pasong tamo is a good place… dun kasi nags-stay most of my friends eh.

    may tag pala ako sayo 🙂

  2. i want to have an apartment in new york. The best apartments ever. the best din sa pagbutas ng bulsa sa sobra mahal. kaya tama na itong sa dampa na lang namin sa bukid. sariwa pa hangin at puro manok at baka pa ang kapiling ko. wow PR3 na ang mynosebleed! Donya Malen na dapat itawag ko sayo LOL

  3. wow ang daming opps mo friend ah.

    Ako rin gusto magkaroon ng apartments, condo tapos pauupahan ko… pero hanggang pangarap na lang yata yun… pero malay natin… 😀

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