Black Diamonds are Hot!!!

I actually didn’t know that there’s such a thing as black diamond. In fact, there are many other colours (blue, red, pink, purple) of diamonds available but I find the black ones very attractive and elegant, don’t you think? They’re quite expensive though since this unique piece of gem is very rare and they do last forever.

Why you should buy Black Diamonds? Black, being the universal color and the richer version of basic, can provide you a chic look from romance to business. Black is very fashionable! It will look good on any clothes. Wear them during formal dinner, casual parties and even on you everyday wardrobe, believe me, you’re never gonna go wrong with them. Personally, I think the Blue Diamonds and the red diamonds looks very royalty and wont look good when you’re wearing loud colors, right? It’s too much. You don’t wanna look like someone who’s overly decorated. Go for the black ones, they’re really classy and really hot items. Recently worn by many celebrities, it should be a part of your jewelry collection. carries black diamond studs, black diamond earrings, black diamond engagement rings, and even black diamond rose cut jewelry. Check out their site for all the styles that you can choose from.

How would you like to have this Black Diamond Rings for your engagement?


Or get this stud earrings for a more simple yet classy look.

They’re lovely! How I wish someone would be nice enough to buy me one. LOL




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  1. Hmmm.. Diamonds really are gifls best friend, right? About about charcoal? They have the same carbon compositions right? Are charcoals men’s best friend? I should buy one for myself I think.

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