Who’s afraid of going to Basilan?

I am!

I tell you, that’s probably the last place I will visit. Eh that’s the birthplace of Abu Sayyaf noh.  Not that I am worried na baka kidnappin ako, *haller, ASIATIC ang byooti ketch kahit na mas gusto ko sanang mabansagang TISAY kaya di papasa sa kidnap for ransom* anything can happen diba and I don’t ever wanna die there with bullets all over my drop dead gorgeous body.

Ok, this is supposed to be a SERIOUS POST.

I know SOME of you are thinking or feeling the same thing. In the public imagination, Basilan is a wild wild place that has always been connected with WAR, KILLINGS, KIDNAPPING and TERRORIST attack since time immemorial. Can you imagine the life of our fellow Filipinos living there? Yeah right, running for their lives all the time. Hiding and sleeping in the jungle. Many of them have lived a lifetime of sacrifice and anguish. If you can enjoy the luxury of eating 4 times a day with matching deserts, I tell you, those people out there only eat kamote and dahon ng kangkong with bulad.

If we, fellow Filipinos are frightened by the thought of goint to Basilan, how much more do the foreigners/ foreign investors feel about it?

Think about this Kabisyo, this affects the whole country, and not just some communities in the Mindanao area. We’re all victims here although evidently, people living there are the one suffering the most from all these negative image and bad reputation. Don’t you think it’s unfair? They’re just victims of what? MAN MADE CALAMITIES and MANY POLITICAL DRAMA ANTHOLOGIES. Truth is, Basilan has become isolated now more than ever.  This beautiful and mineral-rich island remains one of the most underdeveloped in the country today. Look how promising their tourism could get:

Malawi Beach in Basilan 

I think it’s high time that we all work together to make this world a better place to live in. We are the world. We are the children diba? And we should start right here right NOW! Make a difference, mga kabisyo. It all starts with AWARENESS. But how?

Social climb with Basilan Island Development Association (BIDA), Inc. – an NGO whose vision is to achieve a dignified, peaceful and life-sustaining Island Province of Basilan through this project:

H.E.L.P. Basilan

H –  2nd and 3rd degree malnourishment in many municipalities. There is evident high morbidity and mortality rate attributed to the limited health facilities and services. Service hospitals are few and not equipped.

E – EDUCATION. Relatively low rate of functional literacy and high rates of school drop-outs prevail in the Island mainly due to the poor economic standing of the Basileños.

L – LIVELIHOOD. There is limited income/employment opportunities in the municipalities and the limited skills on the part of the labor force. Basileños just depend too much on seasonal coconut harvest.

P – PEOPLE. The Island Province of Basilan has great potentials that can be tapped for social development. Foremost of these are its people, the Basileños. Given the necessary motivation and technology, they can meaningfully participate in the democratization and expansion of health, education, livelihood resource and other social services program if properly coordinated. They are capable of reaching more people in both urban and rural areas. Rise up from the ruins of political, social , cultural and emic uncertainties.

God has blessed you so that YOU CAN BE A BLESSING TO OTHERS.

I am sure, in our own little ways, we can all help.  If you’re interested, send an email to the following:

  • Rick Mactal, ricmactal@yahoo.com
  • Victor A. Tanchoco, vatanchoco@yahoo.com
  • Ibno Hajar Turabin, ibnohajarturabin@yahoo.com
  • Froilan Bulaong, bulaong_clan@yahoo.com
  • Babes Cajucom, clay4_c@yahoo.com

    Lamitan, Basilan

    Success don’t happen overnight. Little by little, step by step, one at a time…we can achieve progress. Life gets better everyday di ba! Parang SUNSILK…paganda ng paganda ang buhay araw-araw. But that’s not gonna happen if you will not do your part. Wherever and whoever you are,  kabisyo, kapuso or kapamilya…let’s support this great project. Alone, we can do so little but TOGETHER we can do SO MUCH. Help change Basilan to a more positive place!

    Next time, when someone asked me to go there, I wont be frightened anymore. Pero kung ganito ka-gwapo ang mag-aaya as in ngayon na ngayon na…GO GO GO!!! LOL

    Shocks REYNZ!!!! We should go to Basilan NOW NA baka maabutan naten tong gwapong mama na ‘to!!! HAHAHAHA


    Bloggers who supported the project:
    1. Reyna Elena
    2. Sinaglaya
    3. Part of You
    4. Pinoy Ambisyoso Meets World
    5. Kengkay
    6. 100% Batangueno

    Wag na mahiya, pick it up and blog about it. Spread it, kabisyo.

    *pictures used with permission from HERE




    Delivered by Madam Auring

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      1. bwahahahah “natutulog na damdamin” hahahha parang pampelikula 🙂
        pero sya nga!!!!! LOL

        tara na nagchecheck na ko ng piso flights from cebu pacific hahaha

    1. bwahahahaha as in seryus akong nagbabasa biglang me sumulpot na lalake sa picture! For sure daming pupunta nga sa Basilan bwahahaha. Oist kapatid salamat sa iyong pagtangkilik ng post na ito ha. muah!

      1. korek manay..Phils has the best beaches in the world…kahit di ko pa narating ang mga beach ng ibang bansa…am sure…we have the most beautiful…hinde lang na de-develop

    2. Ako I can propose something if you like. Since I’m chummy with a Congressman near there at ninong din namin sa kasal :em50: eh type nyo mag visit tayo? We’ll be protected! O Malen and Reynz. I’m sure interested kayo in men in uniforms toting a big ‘gun’. :em32:

      But seriously, we could all spend a night there or two – kung gusto ninyo. I have to ask the Congressman if he can arrange this for us.

      I wasn’t planning on going anywhere this May coz I want to be with my babies the whole time, but if you like, I’ll try to arrange something.

      A Pinay In England
      Your Love Coach
      The Goddess In You

      1. I’m sure interested kayo in men in uniforms toting a big ‘gun’ :em62:

        DOC!!! :em55: :em55: parang iba ang naiisip ko..bwahahaha….social climbing all the way! yipeeee! ahhaha…

      2. Basta, let me know kung sinong gustong magpa escort sa mga mamang may baril sa Basilan. Malay natin, may makuha akong sponsor at all expenses paid. Syempre una ka na sa listahan kung sakaling limited lang ang free trip dahil naghahanap ka ng boyfriend o kaya fling. Baka sa Basilan natin matagpuan siya :em55:

        Hay naku. Sana nun pa tayo nag social climb kasi my ninong used to say – bring all your friends! Eh sa Zamboanga, Jolo and Luuk ang destination. Syempre pa walang gustong sumama! Si Thom lang. :em32:

        A Pinay in England
        Your Love Coach
        The Goddess In You
        Norwich Daily Photo

      3. “dahil naghahanap ka ng boyfriend o kaya fling”
        DOC!!! HAHAHAHHA!! Isama si PUSA at naghahanap din yun…ahahahha

        :em70: wabyu DOC. ansarap mag maki-social climb..andaming freebies hahaha…wala bang all expense paid sa PALAWAN?? dun tayo DOC hahaha…mag diving lessons tayo ahahaha :em33:

    3. learn more about BASILAN on wikipedia.org… lots of fresh information and little known facts about the island province – good and bad – great potential, humungous promise… and yes, big guns! hehe…

      I’m from Basilan… born here, grew up here, lived all my life here… di nyo na kailangan ng Congressman to see the sights and hear the sounds… hehe… we will gladly escort you around (with a security detail if you wish)… its only 45 minutes from Zamboanga City, and although the common dialect is Chavacano (Spanish patois)… everyone understands and speaks Tagalog so communication won’ be a probem at all.

      Hasta la vista, amigos! Vaya con Dios!

    4. I don’t think you write fairly about my birthplace, Basilan. You have never been there and yet you have the audacity to malign Basilan?! You don’t have the right to judge something which you have no knowledge about!! What school did you come from? What religion do you belong? Didn’t your parents teach you to respect others so just maybe, others will respect you? Check it out nightly in the news and you will know that Manila is worst than Basilan!! Who are you refering eating camote? Hey! we enjoy seafood that you may have never tasted yet in your entire life like curacha, Lobster, prawns, Pugut, Cubalcubal, Tayhasang, imbao and many others AND THESE ARE ALL FRESH! The galunggong that you eat is only for the dogs here!! Huwag ka masyadong magmalaki at mapanglait!! We live a siple and decent life in Basilan and we may be the most hospitable people on earth. We leave our doors open and we welcome anyone who comes to our house, unlike where you stay that you need to lock your gate and peep though the window to see whose pressing your doorbell (if you have any). We are not even afraid of the ASG it’s only that we are guided with the teachings of God the reason why we don’t fight back! That’s a police and military matters.

      If you have nothing to say anything good about a place and its people, YOU JUST BETTER KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!


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