Setting up an online store

I’ve always wanted to put up an online store for my beads collection but one thing that stops me from doing so is my lack of knowledge on how to set it up. To tell you honestly, I’m not techie when it comes to computer programming and stuff related to that. I know a lot about networking but my knowledge to programming and website publishing is limited to basic HTML only. LOL

If you want to create an online store without requiring programming skills, here’s what you need, a shopping cart software provided by Ashop Commerce! It’s an easy to use e-commerce software that you can use to run your online store in the most convenient way possible. It doesn’t require installation since it’s web based, includes thousands of features, offers secure connection, allows you to update the content quickly all by yourself plus very affordable to aspiring online merchants like me. This is exactly what I need. I can start my online business soon without so much worries with the help of this shopping cart software. It may work for you too. Check out their free 10-day test drive to see its full functionality.


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