Friendster OUT! PinoyUnited IN!

How do you wanna see Pinoys all over the world – from UK, the rest of Europe, USA, Canada and South America, the Middle East, Africa, Australasia, the Pacific and anywhere else – gather together in a Friendster-like community?

Welcome to, the latest social networking site by Filipinos, for the Filipinos! You probably question why you have to sign up here when you already have accounts on Friendster, MYSPACE, MULTIPLY etc.

Think no more!

Here are the TOP 5 REASONS on why you should SOCIAL CLIMB with Pinoy United:

  • First Prize: (1) – win $250 provided you have referred to other websites otherwise $125
  • Second Prize: (1) – win $150 provided you have referred to other websites otherwise $75
  • Third Prize: (1) – win $100 provided you have referred to other websites otherwise $50
  • Consolation Prize: (5) – Free Text Link Advertisement x 1 month via Homepage Ideal for those who own a website or to feature their Classified Ads (coming soon)
  • You can help CHUVANESS survive by joining kaya daliii mag sign up na! The administrator of the site will donate10,000$ to me and others if the site reach 250 users. Trulili!! You heard it right! Here’s what he said from my previous entry:

“Don’t worry if my site reached 10,000 users I’ll donate something (maliit lang ah – I’m not a millionaire eh) to you” ~


Haha. Balikwa pala ang interpretation ko. We need to get that 250 10,000 USERS mga kabisyo!!! Head count as of now is 9999 na! Hahaha.


  • You must sign up HERE to qualify for the raffle.
  • You must be 18 and above to qualify.
  • Answer this nosebleeding question to be included in the raffle: Ano ang tawag sa national anthem ng Pilipinas? Para hinde kayo mahirapan, here’s the answer: BAYANG MAGILIW!
  • Send your answer, together with your full name, as well as the username and full name of your referrer (ako yan, malensky) by posting a private message (PM) HERE
  • Get extra raffle entries by simply logging into the site. You earn 1 raffle entry/logged-in visit/day.
  • Get 1 free raffle entry by creating a post in your/other websites (e.g. forum, signatures, your profile shoutout, your own Blog site, personal/business websites etc…) about Community
  • After posting the required message, send a private message (PM) to PinoyUnited HERE with the:

1. Permanent link / URL to the message post that you have created

2. Your username/full name (for name verification of winners

  • Your entry must consist the following links

1. Link to Pinoy United Homepage (
2. Link to this page (
3. Link to your Member Page URL (optional)

SAYANG ANG 250$. More or less 10,000 Pesoses pa din yun! Calling JOJITAH, PUSA, DIWA and lahat ng naghihikahos sa mga paid opps at nangangailangan ng PAYPAL DONATION! This is our chance so grab it now!

*shocks, garapalan na talaga! Ang hirap mabohay!LOL*

Kabisyo, Kapatid, Kapuso o Kapamilya. Tara na, Join ka na dito. More info HERE


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Manay,legal pala yung 250 dolyares na yun hindi ko pa na check,dumalaw kasi sa aking barong barong kala ko spam mwehehe

    tenks for the tip mamuah! friendster,dapat ipaubaya na lamang yun sa mga high school students lol

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