The Conspiracy Theory and Paranoia Against INDAY, the chambermaid

Oh no, the waggish and highly regarded chambermaid Inday has finally cracked her stillness and is now on dispute.

Have you been eavesdropping lately? Well, you presumptively have heard about the avant-garde of blogging monopoly these days. Yeah, that fleeting royal battle between bloggers. Well, the interim has been partially concluded and after waiting 2,424 hours of light between one night and the next, the dainty and enthralling Badoodles released the fractional reckoning of the much celebrated rencontre of the PHILIPPINES’ TEN CROWNING WHIMSICAL BLOGS.  Multitudes of bloggers, especially the top aspirants, *and although it implicates how trifling one can get, I will not obviate my own authority and exclude myself*  erupted with plead and beseechment.

I heard there’s even a plot engineered to mutilate and pulverize the prevailing household auxillary. Here’s a facsimile of the many repugnant remarks from distinctive bloggers propagated all over the national information structure aka internet.

mag pa register din kaya ako ng maraming blog site para maitumba ko yang si inday?ahahhaa….salamat bro…ika nga we soo deserve fly soar high!like a butterfly!!go go flying voters!!umiinit ang labanan dahil sa pa contest na to…lols

pataubin natin si inday at masyado na syang namamayagpag. hahaha

hahaha!!! siguro galet na galet na ang Inday! nakuuuu!!! madaming pera ang reynang yun!! hahaha ANONG MERON si INday at ang layo nang laban??? HAHAHAHA


magmamaganda yang si inday, sasabihin dahil hitik sa bunga maraming bumabato. hahaha, pano ba sabihin sa inglish yun. highfalutin talaga

sige, sama-sama nating ipagsak ang imperyalistang katulong na si inday. hahaha, win santo nino! san miguel devil!!!

oonga no. kelangan humabol. hindek man maitaob si inday, kase naman no phenomenon naman na sya, at least di naman matambakan. nyahahhaa. genyus! yahuuuuuu!!!

sana bigyan nang maraming trabaho si inday para di makapag blog! hahaha hirap talunin ni inday! pag=abrudin kaya yan? BWAHAHAHA

wala na tayong magagawa dyan…madami hatak si inday lalo na sa mga DH…tanggapin na lang natin. hehe!

hahaha, sya na ata ang dyosa ng mga household managers 

meron paaaa!!! yayain nating inuman si inday!!! na igib-up ang trono! hahaha! o kaya kausapin naten ang amooo!!!

alam mo KK, duda ko dinaan nya sa gandang pinakita nya sa mga property managers, mga amo at siguro kinusap lahat nang me ari nang subdivision!!!! o baka nanawagan sa wowoweee?? hahahaha!!!

baka nag-solicit sa home owners association para pambayad sa mga flying voters. hahaha 

With all these bickerings and constant altercation, Inday has finally chosen to speak up her viewpoint on the matter to silence her opponents. Pave the way and listen to what she has to say to her disparagers and detractors:

Why are you guys conniving against me to thwart my current 1st place ranking in this contest of Badoodles? All I wish is to entertain people and make them happy. You don’t have to conspire against me just for the rating. I don’t wish to be number 1. It’s all yours if you want to be number 1. It’s just a rating anyway. i don’t care.

INDAY, doing her Willie Revillame imitation


And here’s what KOTSENGKUBA has to say:

Everything in the known universe has their elastic properties – it only depends on their intrinsic characteristics that determine the length of time by which an individual material will last before it reaches a certain point by which the slope of the resulting elongation due to constant stress applied over a period of time is comparatively close to zero.

In your case, the duration of stress application has caused you to reach the level by which the elasticity has climaxed to its limits thus, attaining the breaking point. Peace! Inday

~ KOTSENGKUBA, inuuntog ang ulo sa salamin matapos sunugin ang thesaurus.


Here’s my take on the issue:

Well, this competition is supposed to constitute a comradely and sociable community between bloggers from different platforms and in my own appraisal, which rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty, as much as I don’t want our chambermaid to finish off with the grand title, if citizens of this Republic raised the roof for Inday, well, I have to retrogade and give to Inday what is Inday’s. After all, she earned it. BUT…there’s got to be some sort of a paradigm on which your arbitration can be based. For one, I empathically reckon on the ingenuity of the content of one’s blog. It should be inventive enough. It should be, first and foremost, a product of new ideas, put together by a mighty mind, well executed with emotional touch and a dash of sentimentality and burlesqueness.

It is rational for you to feel infuriated but the factuality is..we’re not cunning a strategem to counter you. Not precisely. Let’s just say, we’re theatened by your fame and we will unite to sweep you out.  There’s a humongous differential on that 2 unequal matter. But you are such an icon…and only the absolute being can flagellate you in one finger snap.

All is unbiased in ardor and enmity.


*epistaxis aka nasal hemmorroid  to the infinite stratum*


How about you? What’s your presupposition on this contention? Be significant and let your voice be heard. COMMENTS SHOULD BE IN NOSEBLEED-ENGLISH FORM. LOL


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. hahhaa…number one talaga ako?ooooohhh!!yesssshh!!!The day has come….the…..puutttahhh!!indi ko kaya……”the” palang nabasag na itlog ko…wahhahaa…… :em62: may point ka….pero bahala na ang tao ang humusga..

    anyways, handa na ang blueprint ko for assasination…sino gustong bumili?wahahha..tinira ba naman si inday…

    Inday!fishes tayu!lols :em72:

  2. Your ostentatious highfalutin statement has only proven that you have such explicit facility to promulgate assertions in English. Why do you persist in such tell tale that your rank is of the lesser strata when we could all witness that your of such an exceptional echelon. Even Inday the elite chambermaid would have an incessant nasal hemorrhage with the manner that you play with your lexis in authoring this composition.

  3. Friends, Bloggers, countrymen, lend me your ears;
    I come to bury Inday, not to praise her.
    The evil that men do lives after them;
    The good is oft interred with their bones;
    So let it be with Inday. The noble Chuvaness
    Hath told you Inday was ambitious:
    If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
    And grievously hath Inday answer’d it.


  4. On the serious note, kung sa katatawanan lang talagang panalo si Inday. Kaya nga sya sumikat ng husto e. Kung katatawanan per se, iboboto ko si Inday kung pwede lang ang limang slot sa kanya lahat. Ang kaso mo, we don’t know where the blog is taking it’s contents. Pwedeng sa forwarded mails, idea ng iba’t-ibang contributors o kung sino man. Kaya in the end, agree ako sa punto mo. Hindi ko sya ibinoto kase kahit hindi naman famas awards yang patimpalak ni badoodles, gusto ko naman manalo e yung tao behind the funny blog. Gusto ko ang manalo e yung original na katatawanan na hango sa orihinal na kathang-isip ng may latha.

    Do I get my point? Or my point pointless? Hahaha

    1. this is all for fun…syempre deserve naman talaga ni Inday ang manalo nagulantang nya kaya ang buon Pilipinas!! and the truth is, sya ang inspirasyon ko! hahahaha :em71: :em71: :em71: :em71: :em71: :em71: :em71: :em71: :em71: :em71: :em71: :em71:

      kung sino man ang nag pasimuno ng ideya ni INDAY…I think yun ang dapat naten bigyan ng honor and parangal…divanetch?

    1. you should read leelai..maaaliw ka. :em71: :em71: :em71: :em71: :em71: :em71:
      kaya lang ingat ka dun kase baka ma internal bleeding ka dun…read at your own risk :em32:

  5. tama na. parang awa nyo na. sasabog na ang aking brains! nyahahahah!

    wag sana mapikon si Inday. katuwaan lang naman ito. kse alam naman nating lahat na si inday ang champion. pero me point kaw chuva, inday is a compilation ng mga ideas ng ibat ibang tao mula sa ibat ibang suloksulok ng mga forwarded emails.

    patawad inday my labs. :em61: di ko akalain na aabot sa ganito ang kutsabahan namin ni kotseng kuba. :em47:

    1. :em71: :em71: :em71: :em71: :em71: :em71:

      hahaha…may point ba? lol…pero siyempre INDAY deserve all these adulations di ba…ansarap lang pag tripan…hinihintay ko ngang sumagot eh kaso deadmatology ang drama…hahahahah

  6. pakisalin naman sa tagalog tong post na ‘to, hehe! Kahit ata ilang :em41: di pa din ma-gets ng utak ko! Infairview, kalukring talaga iyang si Inday…

  7. @REYNAELENA, ayaw ni Inday ng popularity contest, humble sya hahaha kaya madaming taga-hanga…we should learn from her

    Nakakarindi ang post na toh! LOL..pati ako nag internal bleeding! hahaha

    @MALDITO, ahahaha…may naintindihan kang point jan? Eh pointless kaya yan..hahaha…do yah know pati mga sisters ni INDAY eh nag p-plot na ipa-salvage sya? HAHAHHA

    @KK, On the contrary….eeeeeeekkkk!! wala na…wala na kong masabi…ubos na ang vocabulary koooo..hahaha. TAMA NAAA!!! UTANG NA LOOB!! Sumasakit na talaga ang pituitary gland ko sayo kots! Ansakit ng panga ko kakabasa sa mga ENGLISH MOOOO!!!

  8. @mogLi…at talagang gustong pabagsakin si Inday! :em66: AHAHHAAHA. Sugod bords, kampi ta bords ha? balo ko baskog ang talibong!

    PS, anong specialty nimo bordsssssss??? running roaster? ako, practisin ko jud ang dancing bunny. HAHAHHA :em32:

  9. ahahahaha,…uu nga!!! wala yung nosebleed…install ko yung plugin ulet…heheheh…cencia na sa internal bleeding mare…hahahaha..alam ko naman na digg na digg mo ang ganyang ka-englishan :em32: mwaaaaahh

  10. Malen, I am completely clueless. What’s happening? I don’t get it except that I want to be on the TOP RANKING BLOG too, hahaha.

    Hindi na kayo maabot ha?

  11. i hereby apologized for my lousy comment. i never realized that comments here should be on such a “high-polluting” tone, until i had a chance to come back for more, brought perhaps by the aroma of flesh blood oozing from our collective noses.

    and so therefore, from now on, i will refrain from revealing my inner indio, a pathetic miserable buraot who’s breathing from such unwarranted mediocrity and uber-boring existence. :em42:

  12. @ JOJITAH, ako din..mas trip ko ang SONY CYBERSHOT o kaya yung 15,000! Hahaha

    @ REYNS, ay naku nasira ko na naman tong WP ko as usual, sabi nga ni Kotse, kung anu-ano daw kase pinag-ga-galaw ko ..iniistorbo ko sya tuloy lage…hahahha

    @ K, you haven’t met Inday? nasa HK ka nga pala noh kaya di mo pa na nababasa ang mga text messages nya. Read and for more info.

    Nag p-plano kase kaming pataubin ang popularity ng Inday na yan! HAHAHAH

  13. @ BURAOT, I can fathom the very depth of you thoughts and your defense is proven and accepted. Nothing to worry here.A hh…errr…aghhh….TAMA NAAAAAAA!!! HAHAHHAHA

    @ Rhapsody, Oh dear comrade, I do not desire causing thermal devastation on the portion of your vertebrate central nervous system that is enclosed within the cranium, continuous with the spinal cord, and composed of gray matter and white matter so I’m gonna leave it off here.

  14. PLEASE GUYS…TAMA NA ANG ISANG INDAY NA NAGPAPADUGO NG ILONG KO…ang hirap makibasa dito sa site na to,nakaka-tumor sa utak..mahanap nga ang thesaurus ko…maghintay kayo and i will return!!!!

  15. hanep! inglisan na pala ang labanan ngyon..suko na ko. di ako kakasa sa grade 5! mabuhay kayong lahat! hapi hapi na lang tayo wala ng inglisan para mas ok. feeling ko nabalinguynguy na ako eh!

  16. How dare they attack and incriminate you? Don’t they know that you are famous and popular?! Should they persist with such annoyance, I shall be compelled to sum up all of my physical powers and capabilities to obliterate them from the face of the earth!


  17. You can never replace me!What you are doing is just a very senseless, annoying and imbecile acts of overthrowing me in my position just because you are very jealous!

  18. i fell deeply in love with inday, may you continue shattering dreams of shameless arrogance of each and every abusive masters. hahaha, inday you are truly inspiring!

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