The Benefits of Yoga

Once in a while, I’d go to the gym with my girlfriends to work out and one of our favorite routines, aside from dancing is YOGA and BODY BALANCE/PILATES. Contrary to what you think, although yoga requires a lot of physical activity, it isn’t just a body workout. Do you know that it is one of the hardest exercise routine yet it is the most relaxing? Aside from keeping your body fit and strengthening your muscles, practicing yoga will teach you how to quiet the mind so that you can deal with your inner self. It is a mind work out! In this modern times, when we go to the school we are given lessons on how to deal with the external world but not on how to deal with the inner world. That’s what yoga is all about. It will teach you how to be one with yourself.

Another good thing about Yoga is that it cleanses the accumulated toxins in our body by muscle stretching and massaging of the internal organs. This brings the waste back into circulation so that the lungs, intestines, kidneys, and skin are able to remove them in a natural way. If you wanna learn more about meditation exercises, you can go to the nearest fitness center in your area or check out some online sites that can help you out. Stay fit!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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