How to get more traffic?

More traffic gives you more chances of getting more moolah$$$$. So what do you do to get more traffic? This has always been the challenge to every blogger out there. What good is it if you are the only one reading your blog, right? So I spent the whole night thinking about it and here’s what I got – 7 nosebleeding steps on how you can generate traffic:

1. Beat the red light

2. Hit a car along Aurora Blvd. and Edsa crossing

3. Park illegally

4. Load and unload passengers in No Loading/Unloading Zones

5. DO NOT avoid swerving

6. Drive during RUSH HOUR

and last but not the least

7. Never listen to ZAIDO BLUE aka MMDAs

Eeeeekkkk!!! Seriously,

If you cannot write good content like me, and you seriously wanna get TRAFFIC/HITS for your site, here is one thing you can resort to…use ENTRECARD – the solution to all the NILALANGAW NA BLOGS. It’s easy as 1-2 *bitin, lol*

1. Drop your cards to other entrecard users to get credits (like cash).

2. Use your earned credits (cash) to buy ad space on their blogs.

It’s like invest, buy advertisements and SELL your blog thingy! O diba?

If you’re an opportunist like me, you wouldn’t miss this new craze in town! Sign up with ENTRECARD now! It’s a guaranteed TRAFFIC, I tell you. In fact, whenever I check my stats, I always get unique 1000 hits *haha, OA* coming from another site referred by ENTRECARD.

*PAID OPPS ba to, bat todo yata ang build up ko dito??LOL*

Here’s a tag to help you connect with other entrecard users. I got this from our very own singing-cooking diva from the land of Tulips and Stroopwafels Manay Thesserie

****Game/meme for Entrecard Filipino and Non Filipino users****

  • Tell us why you’re using Entrecard
  • Tag 3-5 bloggers you know who are using Entrecard
  • Return the favor by dropping your card on theirs
  • Copy this game/meme on your entry and by the end of your entry, simply add your blog/s that are using Entrecard/s. This is a networking game, so please don’t be stingy with your links.
  • Linking back to this entry as the game/meme source: “ENTRECARD works for me!” is appreciated.
  • Lastly, simply add your blogs after mine.

***End of game***

Include in your entry: Include in your entry: Thesserie & 2 | Chuvaness | add yours next!

I am tagging:

Serial Bloggr | Progobbler | Manilenya | Chuvachienes | Diwata


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. hehehe tag pala itetch syofatid, naku lagay kita sa pangalawang tag asaynmet ko para di ko malimuts. dun ko na lang lagay rason ko kung bakit ako nag eentrecard…pero dito ka na rin lagay, dahil sa entrecard na gingles ako bigla lol!!!, pero entrecard nakakaboba..dii na ko nagbabasa ng blog ngayon..kung baga hit and run lusob. patak. layas..lusob, patak..layas lol!!!

  2. Naku tyagaan talaga sa entrecard. kung walang tyaga walang credits! minsan nahehelo na ako kakadrop to death sa mga blogs! buti pa si joanjoyce ang sipag dun hehehe

  3. mwahahaha now ko lang kelan ako naging maharlika aver kafatid? lol! pero oks lang hehehe ibig sabihin ba nyan e pasado ako sa social climbing lesson 101? lol!

  4. @ LELAI,

    :em71: WELCOME!!!!!!! hahahah…salamat sa pag welcome mo sa sarili mo..sana na feel at home ka LELAI…ahahaha

    uu, madali lang maging opportunista…parang social climbing lang yun…eh summa cum laudetch ako sa social climbing…we will teach you…and mukhang nag so-social climb ka na sa REYNA ng social climber kaya keep it up!

  5. @ JOJIEE, hahaha…uu nga mare nabasa ko ang mga ads mo empierness, nagpapatawa ka pa din..oh yeah…magiging filthy rich tayo dahil jan…

    @ MELAI, anobeh, magkaklase tayo sa social climbing and nangopya lang ako sayo…hahahha… :em33: U, maharlika ka para sa kin…mwaaaah!

    @K, ako din klik lang ng klik…para dumami credits…naninibago ako…ang iksi ng comment mo…sanay kase ako na may kasamang MORAL LESSONS yung mga comments mo eh…LOL, joke lang K! :em66:

  6. manay thess..salamat for mentioning the error…hinde ako natulg magdamag kaka troubleshoot jan…hahaha…OK na sya…mukhang di ka nag chat today? wala akong kapalitan ng shift…Busy? see yah manay :em33:

  7. @ REYNA, i ta-tag sana kita sahil alam kong need mo ng pang in between your legs kaso na tag ka na ni AMBO diba…pero if you want doblehin mo na lang…ahahaha…di mo pa nga ginagawa… siya meron ka bang entre sa OFW? consider it tagged kabisyoooo..mwaaaahhh :em33:

  8. @ MELAI, yah dear…uu nga HIT AND RUN din ang drama ko sa mga entrecard na yan…hahahaha…english blog ba kelangan ng entrecard? buti na lang nag e-english na tayo hahah echos!

    @ KK, hehehe…pati nga kamo yung spokening tagalog mo i ta-tag ko din eh..ahahahha kaso sub lang pala nun kotsengkubadotcom…

    @ AMBO, di ba nga pag may tyaga..may nilaga..hehehehhe… :em23:

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