A guy/girl who has a beautiful set of teeth can stand out!

First thing I notice with a guy I’m talking to is his smile – genuine, sweet smile that has the power to brighten one’s day. Regardless of his looks, if he has a great smile, he’s a sure winner, right? And although some of you probably notices the height, hair and eyes first, for me, a guy/girl who has a beautiful set of teeth can stand out.


But what if you are unhappy with your smiles like me?


Truth is, once in a while, I get compliments about my teeth. They all comment on how lucky I am to have such straight white teeth, little do they know that they aren’t a perfect set. A friend once said that whiter teeth are actually more prone to cracking and that’s actually my dilemma. Just several months ago, I broke my 2 upper left molars. I worry that I might broke them all at once. They’re also starting to have gaps in between. I’m seriously thinking of getting braces soon and if ever I do, I need to find a good dentist who can offer great dental treatment. Do you have someone to recommend? If you’re suffering from the same problems that  I have and you live in the US probably somewhere near California, do check out Sacramento cosmetic dentists – whether it’s teeth whitening, dental implants and orthodontics, Sacramento cosmetic dentists can fix your problem and give you the smile of your dreams.


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