Be charming instead, when you don’t have the body and face to die for.

Where do you usually get the topics to write on your blog/s? If you’re maintaining several blogs, like me, I’m sure you have had this dilemma. One thing I can advise you is to have different focus or theme on each otherwise, you’re gonna run out of words to say. *what a brilliant idea, hahaha* Of course, you have thought about it, hinde na kelangang i-memorize yan. I just mentioned it because I’ve been having a hard time coming up with a topic to write this morning. I seriously need to UPGRADE my brain – 5 Gig RAM, Pentium 5, triple core so I can think and write faster. LOL


I woke up 4am today, checked my emails, listened to my playlist, had a hearty breakfast, finished updating my 2 other blogs and after several hours, I still haven’t come up with something to write in here. I took a bath and after that first spill of cold water on my friggin head, something struck me and got me thinking. Hahaha. So, the moral for today is to take a bath first whenever you’re out of words to blog. It will give you that fresh perspective on things around you. Hahaha


Going back to the title of this post, it’s like Ken of Barbie versus Shrek, Prince William versus the likes of Manny, Empoy, Bayani, Jose, etc. noh?
Do you ever wonder why there are some not-so-good looking guys who end up with gorgeous girls? How was it possible? I say it’s because of that magic called CHARM. Do you know where I can purchase it? I think it’s similar to appeal, charisma, sex appeal, x factor, aura etc. You know a charming person when you see one. Those ultra likeable person who seems to magnet people around him/her. And yes dear readers, that is not an inborn thing. You can actually learn it! Ok, I’m not even that super charming to begin with. Hahaha. But I’d like to believe that I got some. Guts, I have plenty. In my own observation, I think these charming people are the ones who:


  • smile a lot – genuine smile that is.
  • dress better
  • social climb socialize with others easily
  • feel good about themselves and make others feel good about themselves too
  • funny and exudes positivity in all manners
  • are smart

Charm can last forever but good looks, they’re just there as long as they last. It’s very superficial. And in my opinion, you’re most likely to succeed if you are charming. People of all ages and lifestyles will get near you, while those who are SNOB and those who can be very vain, they repel people. Hinde ka na nga kagwapuhan/kagandahan tapos SNOB ka pa, gudlak di ba? And although good looking people have the best opportunities in life, they don’t always end up as the happiest people in this world. I’ve seen people who look macho gwapito naman but they’re living a wasted life. They end up in failed relationships, unhappy marriage with no job. You can be a WENTWORTH-look-alike but if you’re not smart enough and you don’t know how to get along with people, your looks is as good as nothing. While the CHARMING people, they can always live a happy life and they share this good vibes to the people around them.


It would have been better if you have the looks and charm at the same time. But for us, who’s part of the brown race humanity, I am not saying na we’re all ugly ha pero diba in this world, beauty is defined as someone who is mestiza/mestizo, slender/tall, with pointed nose, lovely sparkling eyes and Brazilian body – all of which we might not have – How are you going to compete? What do you do if you weren’t blessed with good looks? Be CHARMING instead and I’m sure you’ll hit it big time.


If I have it another way, I’d rather have GOOD LOOKS kase for me, you can learn to be CHARMING anytime you want. But to have GOOD LOOKS? Well, you’ll have to change your parents, your kanunununuan , your bones and genes to get one. Hahahah


And in choosing a partner, I’d probably hook up with a charming guy like Vhong Navarro. Divanetch?







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  1. Just blog when you feel like, or when you know it’s “bloggable”. When I’m just starting, I always feel that way but now (that my blog has grown on me) – what comes in mind and in if I had my mood, (crap or noteworthy) I just write it down.

    And oh, this theme is too “hardcore” but you managed to fill-in stuff (Ms Clutter, whatelse?) hehehehe kaya lang bakit yung sidebars parang nag oppps pababa when I’m commenting?

    Keep blogging Malen, blog what you love – that is, magpatawa.

  2. My best ideas come to me in the shower too! The reason why i can easily spend half an hour in the shower.

    You ask, “Do you ever wonder why there are some not-so-good looking guys who end up with gorgeous girls?”

    You are partly right that it is charm. But what came to my mind first was MONEY! Think Donald Trump! Hahaha!

  3. Like K, i also write down things that interest me. Kasi biglang mawawala na naman ang idea kung di mo isusulat. Sa akin kasi, keyword lang type agad sa celpone para di malimutan haha. Just keep on blogging Malen. Keep up!

  4. haha. reading your list, masasabi kong charming pala ako. hehe.

    sa amin ng friends ko, looks is not a major factor, mas malaki ang porsyento ng personality. hehe.

  5. Amen!!teehehee O nga naman,maligo muna baka umaalingasaw amoy abot oyropa o amerika,hehe Mamuah, totally agree with your title but ofcourse as Mogs pointed out, looks does not matter as long as you own tall buildings in Manhattan,lol

    Love your new theme btw manay! besos to ya!!

  6. Hello malen – – grabe – yan ba walang i-bla blog eh ang ganda nga ng topic mo. Basta ang alam ko – you have these traits already (dagdag sa kagandahan monetch!!)

    * smile a lot – genuine smile that is.

    * dress better

    *socialize with others easily

    * feel good about themselves and make others feel good about themselves too

    * funny and exudes positivity in all manners

    * are smart

    So, don’t worry – maganda ka inside and out! (read: libre mo ko pag-uwi ko. gusto ko trip to baguio) 😀

    Saken, laging sinasabi nila – ang ganda daw ng inside ko!!!!!! letche sila!!!!!!!!


  7. It’s very easy to come up with an article to write. What you do is read the news, especially the most read. Then come up with basic words. You know, that ones that I was teaching. For example, I can write a blog entry about you.


    Title: Charming or Good looks?

    Did you hear the buzz? Malen is looking for a special someone! I can’t believe she’d trading off charming with good looks? Isn’t that unbelievable? I honestly thought that she was more for the good looks! But charm? What would you do with charm if it’s achy achy to kisss a guy? It’s just unbelievable! Do you believe it?

    Hehehhe! Let me summarize the basic phrases that you can use and then fill in the blanks:

    – Did you hear …
    – I can’t believe..
    – Isn’t that …
    – I honestly…
    – What would you …
    – It’s just unbelievable…
    – What would you?

    So you see, what I listed completes your entry sobra pa nga dahil that’s 7 sentences already. Hahaa

    Keep social climbing alive! Write some more!! HAHAHA

  8. HI!

    I was planning to blog same topic as yours but i don’t have much time and my computer broke down…

    Usually when i come to work i can see beautiful sexy girls with rich but not good looking guys…

    i thought that girls who are beautiful and sexy are social climbers but NO… they are just looking for a guy who will love them dearly…

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