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Thank you to the beautiful and happy Malinesky for this MEME.

2007 was such a great year for my blogging career. I never imagined myself being this ultra friendly to some people I meet online (but I really am friendly in person, I believe). I swear, for the past 4 years in this blogging industry, this is the only time that I am actually enjoying blogging more than ever. And whenever I think about it, how my blogging lifestyle has changed dramatically, it all boils down to one thing – Social Climbing. It’s the utmost key to every blog’s success. Learn to social climb with the finest! LOL.

Ok, let’s get back to the topic, there’s too many things I am really grateful for but since MALINE is asking for 8 only….here’s the TOP 8 things/persons/whatevers I am thankful about:

1. I am thankful for knowing JOSH VERDES because through him, I met the very funny and charming social climber of the Century — Reyna Elena.

2. I am thankful for the Instituto Reyna Elena for the free social climbing course!! I graduated with flying rainbow colors in less than a year. And also, my Swardspeak Vocabulary has improved — itchewabungga, grabeyshus to the maximum leveleyshus, sikreteyshus, divanetch, ditetch, netch, ganetch, aketch etc.

3. I am thankful for the free Baguio Tour, Lucena Tour, Metrowalk Tour, Condo Tour and Videoke Tour (inclusive of fare, lodging and snacks) provided by Reyna Elena. I was able to explore the beauty of the Philippines’ Urban and Rural Area.

4. I am thankful for the 1000 pesos love gift I got from Banco de Reyna…HOY!! quitz lang tayo dahil yung binayad mo eh pinang abono ko naman sa pag a-AWOL ko dito sa opis last November.

5. I am thankful for the Take 1 Baguio Tshirt (75Pesos). It’s super comfortable. Whenever I put it on, I feel like I’m wearing next to nothing! High quality fabric. It’s the best gift I have ever ever received. *ginawa ko ng basahan dahil nagkanda gutay-gutay nung winashing ko*

6. I am thankful for all the smiles, laughters and tears you brought into my life…and the lives of many others. Our world has become extremely crazier than ever because of you! Your wit, humour and wisdom is like a natural opium — highly addictive.

7. I’m just sooo thankful for knowing you every second, every minute, everyday. Honestly my dear, you have contributed a lot to the success of this blog. Haha. I owe you super BIG time. *Humingi ka naman ng kapalit, kahit ano, ok lang*

8. Lastly, I am thankful for having you as a LOVER FRIEND because through you, I met a lot of new blogging friends. Your site has become the most exciting FRIENDSHIP PORTAL EVER. The place where the certified and wannabe social climbers and fashionistas gather around for a moment of SILENCE and REFLECTION. NOT!

You are such a wonderful person from the inside out. I really thank God that HE sent ME to YOU. Echos! I have this feeling na since lalake ang dahilan why we met, lalake din ang magiging dahilan para mag kalayo tayo! Hahahaha. I love yah kabisyo!

Happy 32 nd Birthday Reynz

Here’s to wishing you a lifetime of success and fulfillment in sharing your talents with your community and your country. Mabuhay PMAers!!! Hahaha

And as you wait for the right person to come, I hope you have lots of fun with the wrong one.



I am tagging YOU, birthday boi/gurl!


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Delivered by Madam Auring

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    On number 5 – Malaki talaga ang galit mo saken dahil sa t-shirt na yun ano?! T-shirt lang na-trauma ka na??? Isang bilog lang ang iinumin mo tanggal na yang trauma na yan sa t-shirt eh! hehehe!!

    Maraming thank you! Na-touch mo na naman aketchewa! Miss ko tuloy honeymoon naten ni Ambo tsaka yong security guard kong si Charlie na tumawag din pala kanina hehehe!

    Wala, wala akong hihilingin! Basta! prsst! hu hu hu :em61: :em61: :em61: touch ako ever, sige na, isang balikbayan box na tunay na tshirt ang padala ko! THANK YOU EVER!!!

  2. Tukaio!Hilarious ever! Naku, ms. reyna elena, pwede din ba magenrol sa social climbing course? Congrats TuKAIO!!! Uy, pareho na tayo me award.hehehe, bonggacious! :em55:

  3. natawa ako jan sa tshirt na yan nakow babala ito sa saken na wag keylan man bumili at mamigay ng buy one take one mwehehe

    happy birthday ulet reynz!! sarap ng pagmamahalan nyo ever!! at manay,tenks for the tag :em59:

  4. Congrats malen for winning the best actress award ester blogger of the week. Kasama ako sa bumoto jan inaraw araw ko eh hehehe. Mahal na Reyna blog mo ba to? lols

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