5 Years and Beyond

This is an excerpt from the entry I submitted for the L2 Story Writing Contest. The objective of the chervaloo is to write a story/experience that could create a positive IMPACT to my colleagues.

The moment I stepped inside for the interview, I told myself that “This is where I want to work”.

After several hours of patiently waiting, I got the job. Needless to say, my excitement was indescribable. 5 years ago, there weren’t many call centers around and securing employment in such was quite an accomplishment then.

Years pass by and for a while, there came a point when I was waning on this job. I got tired and exhausted between dealing with difficult clients and issues and working on night shift that absolutely drains out my power. I was on the verge of quitting. I probably have said it a hundred times, yet 5 years later, I am still here. That is 5 years of hard work, non-stop talking and troubleshooting, continuous exams and trainings, 101% patience, tons of laughter and many wonderful memories. I have survived 5 long years of working in a pressure-infested environment — where only the fittest survive. Amidst all the issues and politics and rejection (from the one and only other position I applied in), I managed to stay. Inspite of all the hangovers and frustrations and broken promises and small pay, I chose to stay.

So, why am I keeping this job?

Although the kind of work that I do may have been often typecasted, often the last resort or the quickest way to landing a job, I am (still) loving it because there is so much more to it than meets the eye. I may not be getting a great deal of cash from it but nonetheless, it’s helping me pay my obligations. In fact, it helped me finance my brothers’ college education in a private University. 

I am keeping my  job not because I have high hopes that  it could make me wealthy someday.  It’s sort of surreal  because nobody gets rich being a slave to someone else. This is true for most of us. I, for example, have worked non-stop in this company for years, have gained (approximately) 1Million in my account — less the taxes, credit card, loans, allowances, tuitions, food, gimmicks and other miscellaneous, making me P1000 worth at this moment — but I haven’t got enough savings to buy a house and lot for my parents or cannot afford the luxury to spend thousands for an out-of-the-country trip. Let’s say, everything’s just break-even.

But why keep a job that doesn’t offer financial freedom or at least, something that offers better pay?

For me, my greatest emotional connection with the company I work with stems from a lifelong love of FUN and LEARNING at the same time. This job will never get me rich, I’m pretty sure, but I am (still) keeping it. What I have learned and experienced from this job will not amount to anything. I’ve met the best and the worst souls in my lifetime here. I have lost yet I have gained too. In this world, we don’t have to love everything that we do, but we need to find happiness and meaning in most of them, esp. in our professional work. Life is not just about how much you’re earning. You can have piles of money, but if you’re not living the life you want to live, you won’t be able to buy enough things to make up for it. Working here may not be handsomely rewarding money-wise, it’s full of bad leadership and work politics but admit it, there is no workplace like L2. You have to accept the fact that almost all companies out there have the same issues too, it could be even worse. There maybe a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t stay but there are reasons too on why you should. If you think your efforts are not being noticed, maybe, you need to try a little harder. Let the quality of your work “speak” for you and in God’s time, who knows, maybe things will be a lot better for you.

While I’m not really the bandwagon type, I am not saying that I’m staying here all the days of my professional life, but for now, I’m still getting all I can out of it. I have yet to accomplish security, stability, financial freedom but I am getting there, [hopefully] soon. Having a job is already an accomplishment but keeping it makes it more challenging. Asking me how I survived it? Keep a positive state of mind, learn to love whatever you’re doing and keep it cool…I am sure, you’ll definitely reach 5 years and beyond.

It’s funny how people can change mind quickly and easily. I posted this because I have a strong feeling that I am resigning very soon. Working here has just gotten worse. To the management or to whoever responsible for making up all the perfect policies and metrics and everything, the heaven with you!!! 

I  got a major nosebleed coming  up with all these, nearly downed on my own blood and yet, you haven’t even paid me a penny for this ESSAY!! Where is my 20,000 pesoses?



Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. 5 years?!!?!!?? I really don’t think i can stick to a single field for that long time. I just graduated and then tried another field away from what i am supposed to work on. Just recently i changed from med to photography and now i want to have coking lessons. Haha, but im trying to change my attitude towards changing field.

    Anyway, its nice to know that you had fun though, and you learned a lot. :em27:

    Oh yan, 2 paragraph comment in english (nag nosebledd din ako. ay bale 3 paragraphs na lahat including this haha.) i’ve added you on the blog roll! 😀

  2. OHHH MY GAWWWDDD!!!! you reminded me of sumthing!!!! There are those who I am supposed to send Php1k to the finalists on the OFW Slogan and I have not heard from them no more!!! Dang! Baka sinisindihan na ang kaluluwa kooooo!!! :em41:

  3. OK, gurl: I read the whole darn ~!@#$ and here’s my 2-paragraph essay response.

    1. You’re right. No one will ever fkn get rich being a slave. I am a slave. A corporate america slave. I do get a handsome paycheck. But, realize I do pay my expenses handsomely as well. Bottom line? I have to watch my handsome expenses otherwise, I won’t be able to finance my high-flying social wannabe life. What I’m saying is, we all better learn how to save. Mine, I am very strict with the 15%. I am very strict with my own PAY MYSELF FIRST. I do it through automatic PR deduction so I don’t see it no more and whatever that’s left, that’s what I budget. Because gurl: let me tell you: it’s now how much you earn: it’s how much you save. That’s the ugly fkn bottom line. And if you don’t start saving now? When will you save? When you are 88 years old? That’s won’t be enough time for you gurl!!! And if you don’t save for yourself, who do you think will help you? Your brother? Your mother? Your friends? GURL: wake up! NO ONE WILL HELP YOU OTHER THAN YOU! Trust me on that one. Mark my word. Paint it on EDSA. NOW ONE WILL HELP YOU BUT YOURSELF. So wake up and feel the coffee. It’s reality gurl, it’s reality.

    2. While no one gets rich being a corporate slave, THERE ARE people who actually gets rich while working. What’s the trick? They do projects that earns money WHILE they have their day jobs. What you’re doing at the moment – like blogging, selling beads is commendable. That’s very entrepreneurial and that’s earning money OUTSIDE of what you’re doing on your job and that’s very good honey. What you do is continue BUT diversify. Your challenge is, how do you sell what you have now is a big market place so that you’d earn BIG. If you can do that and you get one opportunity – then you can quit your nasty ugly job and say hasta las vista to your boss.

    Final thoughts? Forget about meeting friends and enemies at work. You’ll meet the best of the people anywhere anyway. Don’t be tooo damn attached at work gurl! DON’T!!! Continue being entreprenurial, SELL SELL SELL MARKET MARKET MARKET BLOG BLOG BLOG SAVE SAVE SAVE.

    WHY is my last three words SAVE?

    If you don’t have any money in the bank – you won’t be able to grab opportunities that comes to you. Never never never. You become a loser. You become depress. You become sad and lonely. And then you begin to invite all the stupidest negative shitty human creatures in the world.

    But if you have money in the bank because your worked your ass to save it? You’re happy. You know whatever shit they do to you, you’ll be fine because you have money gurl. You become strong. You become pleasant. You become lovable. You begin to exude confidence and attraction. Before you knew it – your knight in shinging dollar armor is in front of you, kneeling.

  4. I second emotion regarding Sir Reynz speech. Key words: Save and Entrepreneurial Spirit. By the way, saving is only possible if you live within your means. I remember this email circulating about this which Reynz also posted in his blog. Maganda ang mensahe nun.

    And remember, money may be the root of all evil but it is hell without money. Heheheh….walang kuneksyon yata ito… but keri na lang. LOL!

  5. omigawd, comments in inglis wid tu parags? eherrmmmm….

    actually, i just saw the 20,000 pesoses and i would be glad to join the contest, too. would that be given away during the time of the february santacruzan? if so, then if i win i would donate my winnings to you for your savings account.

    but the problem is, i have no more english left with me to create a very long essay as i have used enough english with this comment. so, i am wishing you a good luck in a form of a sermon: i agree with reyna elena, the things is to save: save money, save your rants, save your beauty and save your virginity.

    uy, pangatlong paragraph na to, pwede ng mag tagalog, hehe, whew!

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