Coca Cola Zero

Presenting…the new variation of your favorite Coca-Cola….Coke zero!!! Finally, it’s sugar-free coke for everyone! That’s really good news to people who’s closely monitoring their diet and to those that are health and figure-conscious just like me! Haha. Gone are the days of deprivation. I can now enjoy the luxury of having one bottle per meal day without ever worrying about my diet. I’ve yet to try it but they say it’s like the real taste since, unlike Coke Light, Coke Zero is based on the formulation of the original Coca-Cola. Isn’t that great?

This zero sugar cola is barely new and haven’t been marketed all over the world. Coca-Cola company is launching “Life as it should be” campaign for it to gain awareness among its consumer. Read more about it here

They have this online contest wherein participants compete with each other using their own small movie. Coke has provided some old b/w film clips that you, as the director, can manipulate by using an easy voice recorder. You can write your own script and say what ever you want. Be creative, join the fun, tell your friends about it and beat them to it! Don’t forget to check out their website!

Drink Coke Zero and be merry – that’s the way to live life as it should be!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Thanks for the great information. I really would like to try Coke Zero as I have not tried it yet.
    CHARING! HAHAHAHA!!! Sige! Hataw lang! At mag-memember ako dyan sa bloggerwave na yan!!!! hahaha!!!

  2. Dearest Kabayan kong mahal,

    In the glow of every Christmas tree may there be wamrth and happiness for you.

    May the magic of Christmas leave behind sweet memories to cherish forever.

    Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

    ‘te Beng

  3. Merry Christmas sa luka luka at most peyborit kong blogista!! My 2007 would not have been more fun if you were not in it…


    Maligayang pasko at sana gumaling na ang paa mo sa mga sugat na idinulot ng mga tsinelas mo from China!! Buwhahahahaha!!


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