Charice Pempengco Singing Live at Ellen Degeneres Show

Oh my God!! I am not really ready for this. I am not expecting this at all. I’m sooo gonna die of excitement! LOL. I am such a FAN, if not a SUPER FAN, of Ellen Degeneres and Charice Pempengco. I blogged about this HERE and HERE

And now, finally, they’ve met face to face!

Charice singing live on ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW. As in ALIVE, ALERT, AWAKE and singing out loud!!

This amazing girl is making all of us proud. Check youtube for her latest videos singing AND I AM TELLING and I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. The crowd gave her a STANDING OVATION!! You really deserve all of these and much more, Charice! Congrats to you! I can see a shining, shimmering and splendid future ahead!

Ellen even gave Charice a new iPod Touch. I love you Ellen! You’re really fun to watch and thank you for featuring a Filipina talent in your show and for being uber generous to the maximum leveleyshus! Padalhan mo din kami dito sa Pinas ng iPOD na yan. *LOL, Tagalog, sana naintintihan nya noh*

Charice in tears after Ellen handed her the new iPOD

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She reminds me of Josephine “BANIG” Roberto. Where is she by the way? I haven’t heard that much about her. I hope Charice is not another BANIG in THE MAKING. You know, here today, gone tomorrow.

I love you all!!
I’m stayin’…and you, and you, you’re gonna love me!!












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  1. Waaaah! I am stilll o_oing for disbelief that Cha’s officially WOWED America.

    More world guestings for you, Charice!

    BTW, after Ellen, she’ll be returning to South Korea to tape another episode of Star King. Now, with KyuHyun singing “Come What May’.

    Just got the news from my Korean friends.

  2. yes, malen. I was also thinking of banig when i commented in a similar post from ambo.. but of course I already saw this post in your RSS feeds kaya I daved this comment for you. hahaha.

    i also do hope Charice will be well taken cared of by either of the two big networks. sana wag lang yung habang mainit sa masa tsaka pagsasamantalahan, pag mejo humina na ang apoy, itsa pwera na. sana when that happens, may sasalong mas matabang isda.

    anyway, does it require super powers to be a super fan? like the super heroes and super villains, they have extra-ordinary abilities. nyahahahaha!!!

  3. grabe malen, call me baduy, pero talagang ngayon ko lang nalaman kung sino si charice. i had to google her! hehe.

    like i said sa forums, napanood ko nga yung video clip pero wala namang speakers! hehehe. sa bahay nalang!

  4. hay nakui tita Malen, kinikilig ako sa batang yaaaaaaaannnn!! alam mo namana ako has been songer kaya type na type ko talenta like this kid…kaka post ko lang din ng video nya with ellen..kinikilig ako , grabeeeee!

  5. Kinikilabutan ako sa boses nya! super galeng!

    Mamuah,bati lang kita ng Maligayang Pasko at Manigong bagong taon! yung snow na pramis ko medya ma late hehehe

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