How to handle hate and annoying comments

I’ve been receiving a lot of hate/annoying comments from this post I made on my old blog

Wentworth Miller Caught with His Girlfriend

My traffic for has skyrocketed because of this entry – ranging from 600-800 hits a day. I am not even updating it but whenever I check my stats, it’s always the most searched, most viewed entry and most commented too. And a lot of these comments are expressions of hate and, well, I think, insecurities and plain ignorance. They really crack me up! These are people who can’t clearly take a joke. Heck, they may not even know what the word JOKE means. They can’t even recognize a real picture from a fake one. Look closely, see those little rough around the edges, it’s not even photoshopped! You wanna hear some of these lovely comments? Read on.

    Sorry, but that picture’s total BS! It’s a photoshopped version of a picture that was taken back in January of him & Marianna Klaveno, a friend of his, going to the Arclight Cinema in LA. Marianna’s face has been replaced by someone else’s. ~WG
    oh my god are you serious? from this angle she doesnt even look pretty. ~aubrey policcashe’s ugly ~lily
    It’s sooo fake ~headmissklubnichka
    nah i dont think that its Miller’s gf! It’s just nt his type of girls..I know what im saying else i wouldnt have posted this comment.. ~Sharonne
    Oh baby are you serious? You are the fantasy of every woman in this world!! …and you choose her… oh god! I wish you have seen me..~dora
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I LUFF HIM N THT SLAG EWWW ~Leah
    I dont htink that is his girlfriend to be honest I just dont thinkit is! Im not just saying i cause Im jelous from what ive heard it doesnt look lik eth etype of woman he would go for. ~Tick
    Are you seriousssssssssssssssss?? You can´t be serious!!! That is Marianna Klaveno…just a good friend…did you replaced her face!!!??????~BabyGiel
    Ey jo.. this can´t be his girlfriend..she is so ugly..and he is so cute! ~BabyGirl
    hahaha…is shi asian ~Baby Girl
    obvious..peke! ~da real wife
    hahahaha… funny! make me can’t stop laughing… ~little faith

    WHAT’S?????? his girlfriends nope it can’t be possible she’s so ugly and he’s so pretty he’s a greece god looool…….ur mine my lillte stinky hihi……wait for me a chinese c’amon??? no ofense i’m not racist but u can chose better like a PORTUGUESE ME!!! for example came to portugal plz if u go to corea sing happy birthday u can be in portugal too is that right??..bjbjbjbj ~Joana

    I can’t believe this, maybe this unpretty girl is his cousin? But never his girlfriend! ~Conny
    hahhahha what’s that?????? ~Mina
    it’s photoshopped you can really see that amaturs thit that ~jolanda
    Yeah i think he is the hottist guy in the world……and it sucks that he has a girlfriend….. ~Stephanie Azbellstephanie



    You know girL? IF YOU WANT TO GET NOTCIED OR FAMOUS? do something else. You know if you wanna get embarassed, take it only wit your self but unfortanately this pic degrades the race of yours. Honestly it’s degrading for your kind. ~eks


I am not being onion-skinned about these insensitive comments, I am not even hurt but no one has the right to demean me, especially here on my blog or anywhere else!!! Hahaha. I don’t need you to tell me beautiful things. I don’t need you to state the obvious. Adulation is not my addiction, but at least try to be as civil as possible. *Pramis, hinde talaga ako affected*

So how do we handle these kind of unjustified comments?

  • If it’s trulili and deserved, then accept it.

  • If it’s false statement, practice deadmatology!

  • Hate comments may hurt sometimes but if they’re from IGNORAMUS and RUDE and CHILDISH people like EKS, stoop down to her level and beat her with experience! I say it’s payback time. You’re just sooo stuped to even include your friendster url and email. Yeah know girl, I could stalk you big time. I could even hack you!!! Try me! Sure, I really wanna get noticed and famous, in fact, I wanna be a star!!! A superstar that is!! Oh did I disgrace the brown race humanity? Did I even embarrass you?? Aren’t we the same kind? Seriously, you need to learn the art of laughing. Pumapatol talaga ako sa bata!!! LOL

On a serious note, I really cannot do anything about these people. The best thing I need to do is to live with it, swim on it, laugh at it and love it! Well, at least they add traffic on my site and they’re putting me on the top search engines for free. Bwahaha. Keep them coming girls. I soo love to hear more hate and annoying comments! MOOORRREE!!!

And by the way, I am deleting my old WP blog. I think I am messing up my own PR by double posting here and there. I am not sure. Enlighten me.

Peace be with you and you and you and you!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. I’m with you on deadmatology thing. haha. This reminds me of my latest hate e-mail i just received this week. I did not reply of course.

    I will digg this, malen. *mwah*

  2. Pak them!!!ahahaha,,,haters go to hell!!mga walang kwenta……ayoko talaga ng hate mails!!gusto ko face to face,,,para namn fair….tgnan natin kung sino kakain ng sariling ngipin..lols..

    cge lang mare,,,,ur not just a pretty face….but wentworth’s wife.lols :em52:

    hate ypu!!hate you!!…hehe..practice lang.

  3. deadmatology lang gurl, meron din ako post dati na me nagsasabi anyabang ko daw… naginit ang ulo ng lola mo sabi ko eh matalino ako eh echos hahaha pero dinelete ko rin un comment ko kc mas ok pala talaga na deadma lang ang katapat ng mga ganyan!

    as if naku mare tama si reynz wag mo idlete yan entry na yan

  4. patok to! hahaha, pagkatatanga naman ng mga nagcocomment na yun at pumatol ba sa obvious namang photoshopped. hahaha.

    oist, hindi ikaw ang pinagtatawanan ko ha. natatawa lang ako sa katangahan nung mga nag-comment. hahaha, parang mga sira :em71: :em71: :em71:

    paglaruan nalang natin yung mga friendster profile nung mga nagcomment. hahaha

  5. tsaka burahin mo na nga yung dati mong blog sa friendster. mag-iwan ka nalang ng isang post linking to your new site kase inaagaw nalang nun yung mga stats na dapat e dito na napapakinabangan. hehehe

  6. hahahahaha ang hunghang naman ng mga yun! hindi ba nila getsing t’was for fun!!! shuks babaw to the max! hahaha

    wag burahin mamatay sila sa inggit na minsan naging kayo ni wentworth looooooool

  7. Stumbled! Dugg! Google Bookmark done! done! Newsvine done! Yahoo Bookmark done! hayan tinodo ko na. Nilagay ko na sa lahat ng account ko hahaha. Siempre traffic yan kapatid para sumikat lalo ang blog mo. Yahoo! Hope nakatulong ako kahit paano. hehe. Regalo ko na yan para sa pasko hahaha. :em70:

  8. sikat ka na kasi, natapatan mo na ang HRH natin! yayaman ka na nyan, my personal apologies kung nakapagkument ako ng offense sa yo, gilty ako for this one. luv yah and I mean it! suportahan taka day!

  9. deadma lang, girl! basta pag ayaw mo ipost ang comment, i-spam mo! haha. some people don’t have a sense of humor. mga pollutants ng internet.

  10. oo nga naman, he’s a “greece god!” nyahahaha!

    lanya ka, inagaw mo si wenty sa akinnnnn *sinabunutan sa kilikili si malennnn!*

    you just gave me an idea how to increase my blog hits hahahaha!!

  11. ngahahahahaha, dios mehyo ang bububa naman ng mga nagcomment. geee, nasaan na kaya ang humo nila…hmmmn baka nasa dulo na ng kanila kuwan.b :em55:

  12. wak na wak mong i delete yang WP blog mo, lintek ka 😀 dun nagsimula ang lahat, ahahahaha 😀 let those crazy groupies kill themselves with their craziness… at least ikaw beauty pa rin.

  13. AHAHHAHAHA.. MALEN This post cracks me up… They are sooooo affected!


    Why don’t you create your own RUMOR! AHAHAHAHA… The picture is obviously edited hahaha… YOU IGNORANTS!


    Baka nabababrowse na ni Wenty ‘tong blog mo and he might look for you… I AM SO KILIG NA! Paki ba nila kung umibig si Wenty sa’yo no? Kiver!

  14. Nung nagsabog ata ng sense of humor ang Diyos, tulog yang mga yan. Eh that pic was supposed to look edited naman talaga di ba? They didn’t get the joke. Baka dapat pa nating i-explain ng mabagal sa kanila yung punchline. Wawa naman sila…

    Tama ka kagandahang Malen, dedma lang. Dedmahin mo sila hanggang sa pumutok mga ugat nila sa sobrang galit. Hahahahaha!

  15. Hi honey. I just want to say you are beautiful and so good in the way you have dealt with the idiot comments on here. Take care. J

  16. Waaaah! And I thought I’m the only one who practices this art. Way to go! You’re right, the Art of Deadmatology always works. It worked for me, it should work for you, girl!

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