Social climbing event at Alabang Town Center


I am super duper busy to the maximum level. 24 hours is no longer enough for all my adventures and activities. Right after my very tiring work last night, I went straight to this ultra hyper college reunion HERE and then another social climbing EB event with the GODDESS in UK aka Doc Love Coach and some fellow bloggers in Alabang Town Center. I was awake for almost 30 hours! Seriously, it isn’t healthy noh? I spent my whole Monday in bed catching up on my sleep. It was tiring yet I super enjoyed my time.

Pusa and I met at around 6:30 or 7PM in D. Jose station. Whew! We survived BACLARAN! Believe me, it’s worse than Divisoria. We were planning to get a cab from Baclaran to Alabang Town Center not knowing na it’s mega far away as in few more steps and I think we’re already in Laguna!! I swear, we passed beyond Enchanted Kingdom! LOL. Now I know why the taxi driver was charging us 500 pesos! That’s too much noh. From Cubao to Baguio is like 375P only. We didn’t buy it so we decided to take a jeepney ride which costs us 57pesos only. That’s 90% cheaper with matching free face powder. LOL.

It was my first time ever in ATC. Nice nice chill out place. Wait, before you say another word, I live in the North, ok. It’s like 4 hour drive from my house so I’d rather be in Eastwood City. In fact, I am always at Eastwood because that’s where I work! Hahaha.

It was nice to finally meet

the very cute goddess in UK!! She’s really nice, very smart and looks like 22 yo only. Imagine, she traveled all the way from UK to be in this EB while me, I just traveled for 2 hours yet I’m whining about it like crazy. LOL. Thank you ever Doc. I’m really glad to meet you and your hubby, Tom and of course, the other fellow bloggers.

The goddess and her better half, TOM. I love love his British accent. They look really happy noh?

From left to right – me and others. Hahaha

Seriously, that’s Ambo, me, Goddess, Chingkay, Pusa


The couple


Soon-to-be-couple. *uyyy, kinikilig si AMBO*


the ever beautiful supermodel PUSA with her signature Hello Kitty earrings


Meet the blogging A. Trillanes look alike.


really nice guy.


Muy bonito, ello es gwapo!


Trillanes in all angles. LOL

The Beauty and the…AMBITIOUS

Pusa interviewing another blogger, Mervin.


Chuvaness face to face with the Goddess. I love her! She’s my new best friend and obsession. LOL


Meet my new friend, Chingkay. She writes for 2 popular magazines here. Yeah, I’ve learned the art of social climbing from, who else, the one and only SOCIAL CLIMBER professor, REYNA ELENA!! She’s very pretty and nice and she looks like Lucy Liu. I’m dying to get a bag like hers. It’s Louis Vuitton Mickey Mouse edition. Haha. I’m soo gonna buy something like that when I visit Hongkong Disneyland next year. *shocks, haha, trying so hard na mag paka-sosyal, nakaka-irita*. I will make ipon-ipon 100P a day so I could raise funds for my next year’s out of the country trip. I am so excited to death. LOL

It was a fun night and I feel like talking to real people that time. Hahaha. We were actually discussing about our experiences in Enchanted Kingdom. I know someone out there who’s ultra jealous to death. She even called up. *inggitera!!* You missed it dear. You also missed out meeting Trillanes- the peace loving version. He’s kinda tahimik kase or maybe he’s shy lang. You go home na so we could make gala all over the Philippines, ok.

More friends are more fun! Thank you guys for your time and effort. I am extremely glad to have met all of you. Next time, mag EK tayo.



Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. YOU GO GURL!!! hehehe! You guys – Pusa and Ambo – prove to be my number 1, A-1, Uber super uma-uma cum laudelay in Social Climbing students! HAHAHAHA!!! I am sooooo glad you learn fast and now, you’re reaching far and wide gurllll!!! Baka mamaya nyan, nasa spread ka na nang FMH! hahahaha!!!


  2. Hoyy! Pag-uwi ko dyan, kelangan MAKEOVER yang Trillanes look alike na yan. Kelangan turuan naten sya on HOW TO ACT IN PUBLIC. Maybe simulan naten how to say – – – tadannng! “I LOVE YOU!”

    hehehehe!!!!! :em60:

  3. OMS! You have met with the UK’s love coach! WOW! Sayang, sana napasabi I couldn’t log in to her station dahil ata sa walang kwentang connection rate dito sa China. huhuhu… asan na yung DWIZ scandal, ha?

  4. hahaha mare! oo anlufet nun free meyk up na nakuha natin dun, twice na ko naghilamos pag-uwi ko ang kapal pa rin ng face ko!!! next time talaga sa EK na lang! šŸ™‚ :em59:

  5. I’m actually avoiding entries like this because I wanted to come –you know I’m just 15 to 30 mins away from ATC– lol.

    AMP. Kamukha nga niya si Trillanes!!!!

    Thanks for sharing. šŸ™‚

  6. Finally we’ve met the Goddess Ms. Joy and here hubby. They are really wonderful people. Same with Mervin, Jm, and Shing ^_^ Special thanks to Agnes and Malen for coming. Just imagine gabi na from north to south ang byahe. That’s really something! I really appreciate it gels. :em70:

  7. hahaha, no comment ako diyan. wala akong alam diyan. haha remember. i’m nobody. šŸ˜€ isa lang akong ghost diyan no šŸ˜€ wahahahaha. joke šŸ˜€

  8. Ansaya naman ng eb ninyo! Mainggit lang muna ako sa pictures, pero sa pebrero sama na ako sa eb! Yahoo!

    Aha! at may bagong kalabtim na pala si ambo ha? šŸ™‚

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