Me and my blog are so alike…

…in many many ways.

I totally agree when people say YOU ARE WHAT YOU BLOG ABOUT. People tend to see you and judge you base on the content of what you write and how you design your template! Blogging has now become the NEW window to your soul. LOL. Don’t you agree?

I don’t know about you but I realized that me and my blog are so the same in real life. My blog is the copycat of my very persona. Ok, let me share to you some of our similarities:

1. Head turners! *Gosh! I’m sooo thick* LOL. I mean, look at my HEADERS. They’re really really cute, dontchathink?
2. Fickle minded. I change what’s in my head quickly, just like those banners.
3. Picture addict.
4. Cluttered mind.
5. Sometimes, OVER DECORATED.
6. Entrepreneur wannabe!
7. Slow @ times
8. Self centered, i hope not all the time.
9. 3 column – ahhh, err, ok, my world focuses on these 3 most important Fs in life: faith, family&friends and finances.
10. Simply elegant. LOL. Shoray!!
11. Unfocused.
12. Very unorganized.
13. Hyper
14. Not beautiful but desirable. lol
15. Sometimes funny
16. Sometimes, lacking on wisdom
17. Full of senseless infos.
18. Pure and innocent. LOL
19. So artistic as in maarte
20. Confusing
21. I get along with problems pretty well – check error below, it’s been there since time immemorial but I haven’t done anything about it.
22. Attention whore
23. Friendly
24. Fully loaded
25. 3/4 subjective and 1/4 objective
26. Not afraid to make fun of myself (and others, haha)
27. Entertaining, you should see me sing and dance. lol
28. Easy yet complicated
29. Jack of all trades, master of none, though often times better than master of one.
30. OVERACTING!!! EXAGGERATED!!! LIAR!!! Only half of these are true,of course. Believe at your own risk. LOL


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. hahaha preho tayo ng topic bloggers personality mamuah! I totally agree as in 200% agree na this blog is simply artistic artee artee nya! shessh ha,for all I care basta sa akin ikaw ang very talented. Visit Beading 101 to see for yourself! itsura lang nila hehe

    :em34: :em34:

  2. Can’t agree more. Your blog is like a “clutter” full of goodies – it reflects your over friendliness to people. Maingay, it makes people go insane what you write (myself included). I may be a snob on this blog, I seldom leave comments but I do read (really do).

    Not afraid of making fun with somebody else, in a good way, only when you least expect it.

    And you are beautiful with your wittiness.

    Keep us laughing!

  3. Dahil sa kalinawan ng pag site mo ng similarities nyo tingin ko mali yung # 25. 1/2 subjective, 1/2 objective ka ata. :em19:

    Buti ka pa, ako ata 98% subjective, 2% objective lol……………. :em52:


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