An open letter to ex-boyfriend, finally.

Dear YOU,

I know you’ve been reading and following me here all this time. Though you do not make your presence known, I feel in my heart that you still check on me once in a while and I wont deny that it flatters me. It’s been many many months since we saw each other. I would love to hang out with you again, why not. We’ve been friends for such a long long time and it’ll be fun to fool around with my ex-best slash boy friend. You know we’ve spent so much of our lives together and I’ve always felt that those years of my life will never leave me…all the things we’ve shared will be in my heart as long as I live.
Truth is, contrary to what you’ve been thinking, there is no pain anymore. I’ve  found peace, finally. I have accepted it already that God made it happen for us. Not that I didn’t suffer at all, but you know me, more than anyone else, you know how strong I am. You probably don’t have any idea how it felt to die a hundred times, believe me, you don’t wanna go through that. I have stayed with you for so long and I have forgiven your fooling around over the years. I have been on YOUR side constantly, defending you from the people who made you look bad. I have even defended you from your own family and I didn’t want to stop believing in you, in us…but bad things happen to good plans.
All the time that we have been together, you have been busy fooling around with so many girls. Now, don’t deny it. I definitely can prove it. That’s how I learned the art of stalking. There was X, Y, X again, Z, Y again..Z again, and many others you have met along the way (this i’ve found out from your not so loyal friends).  Even if it was painful on my part, I  kept trusting you, believing somehow that someday, you’ll change but you’ll probably never gonna change. Your  being a playboy/two-timer is incurable. Last time that we were together, I knew it was goodbye forever. We sure had lots of happy times but our love is not just meant to be. I shall not wait for you to come back because I wouldn’t wanna live in hell with you again. I have stopped loving you a long time ago. It’s all over and guess what, I don’t feel bad at all. I could even look at you in the eye and say right in front of your face that I do not love you anymore…and probably don’t care at all even if you die from a motor crash. Ok, that’s too harsh, I don’t really mean it. I still do care but not as much as what I used to share with you before.

You were the only beautiful man for me, for such a long time. My eyes were all set on you alone. I loved you for the longest time. Despite my being faithful, loyal, understanding and loving, you still have broken my heart into pieces. I’ve given you CHANCES and yet all I got in return was more pain and agony. I don’t deserve that.  

Anyway, this will be the  2nd Christmas without you and I’m more than happy to celebrate it without you around. I’m trying to get what i can to spend time with some people who’ve been part of my life which includes catching up with people I’ve lost touch with through the years because I have prioritized you.

I hope you finally find your happiness because I have found mine. In fact, I am having the best days of my life ever…without you. And I wish you and your someone else, whoever/whatever she is,  a not-so-merry christmas and not-so-prosperous new year! I am not bitter. I’m just merely saying that I think you deserve to suffer too. Ok, that’s too harsh again. It’s just unfair that I haven’t heard anything bad happened to you yet. The last thing I heard was you went abroad and got married while I, along with my arrogance, is still here, blogging my heart out and letting the world know how  pathetic and loser I am. I leave it all up to God.  I still believe that what goes around, comes around.

But between the 2 of us, I know, aketch ang nagwagi.

I’d like to thank you, still, for breaking my heart again and again because you made me feel how it is to die so I can fully appreciate how it is to be alive and whole again.



*insert nose and heart bleeding here*


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. i’m glad that finally… you let all that bad feeling out. it’s good for the soul mare. i’m also wishing your ex a no-so merry xmas and a not-so happy new year, and may he rest find peace.

    i love you mare!

  2. wow! it felt good right? saying all these things out loud… it only means that you really have moved on which is good for you girl! i know exactly this kind of feeling, been there done that ika nga, we were just so unlucky to come across someone who’s not worthy of us =)

    i would have written something similar to this for my ex but i would include thanks for leaving me, i can now wear stiletto heels coz before if i do wear one, people think that i have a dwarf beside me! LOL. :em32:

    y’know what? i’ve told my ex he can rot in hell for all i care when he wanted to get me back, i dont forgive easily and i admire you for being able to do so, you really have a gold of heart :em70:

    you have the last laugh gurl… good riddance to him stupid fool

    ay di ko pala blog to! :em41: i love you :em33:

  3. I’ve been thinking, is it R or J?

    After all this time that we’re together, I havent seen your pain. It only means that you’ve been keeping it too close to your heart for us to recognize it. Hmmm…

    But I am not worried at all, I know you and know how strong you are. Kala mo lang indi…pero meron, meron, meron. este oo, oo, oo.

    Don’t worry Len, feeling ko, last Christmas mo to na member ka ng, Samahang Malalamig ang Christmas. :em34:

    Labz yah Len! :em64:

  4. i hope your ex really gets to read this. the letter just goes to show that you’ve really moved on. a goddess like you deserves better. i’ve enjoyed being single, for a long time. you get to own you time, no worrying about what your s.o. would like to do, or whether he had plans for you to go out, that you tend to not join your friends/family when they go out coz you maybe he had plans. (nakanang, nahihirapan ako mag-engrish diyosa. kelangan ba talaga engrish ang comments?) january is sooo far-away. nosebleed ito. have a fun & wild christmas without him. masaya naman di ba?

  5. This is what I call closure! Congratulations!
    Don’t you feel guilty about being nasty on him. Sabi nga dun sa dashboard ng jeepney sa amin, “Friends can be lovers but lovers can’t be friends.” Cliché but true, right? So ok lang, okrayin mo pa! (ano bang english sa okray?)

  6. after you go, I have a lot more room in my closet. after you go, I can stay out all night long if I feel like it… and when you’re gone it seems like things are gonna be a lot easier….

    BUNOT MARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buti na lang hindi yung lyrics sa itaas ang drama mo. ibig sabihin, hindi ka na VICTIM, at hindi ka na LOSER – – WINNER!!!!!

    they say ika nga, “You grow up the minute that you laugh at yourself.” – – diba? Siguro nasa isep mo na ngayon, “Ano bang kinabaliwan ko sa ungas na yan?! E pretty ako masyado?!!” Hehe!! Congratulations Malen at *BOW* ako sa pure inglesessesssss!!! shet – dumugo ilong konetch!!!! :em70:

  7. While reading your post, I can’t help but sing “you made me stronger by breaking my heart…… Don’t feel so sorry for me….Oh, don’t you know I’m not the one at the loosing end”

    I can relate to your feelings. In my younger years, my heart were almost literally broken into pieces, as my exbf impregnated his other woman! Friend nya lang daw yun ha. Kapal talaga! I had no choice but to leave him of course. I haven’t seen him for years. If ever our path would cross again, I don’t know how I would react, but I would definitely show him how happy I am now. I am grateful I did not end up with him, my life would have been miserable. :em23:

  8. can’t believe na di pala naging happy ang lovelife mo before… hindi halata kasi sobrang happy ka lagi at mukhang walang problema… i’m happy for you (kahit may konti ka pa ring bitterness hehehe) at least you got over him.

  9. nah? di he really hurt you that way or did you hurt yourself that way?either way, you allowed it to happen right? so savor the happy moments and celebrate the learnings…

    mare, birthday na ng inaanak mo sa may16…paramdam k naman…hehe…

    here’s one for the bleesings you have and will have, and another for the blessing that you are…muwah!muwah!

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