Important Notice

In true nosebleeding fashion, this blog will officially TRY to use Engrish as its main language (not Tagalog/Filipino or Gay speak) for the time being until approved by Matchbox/Matchstick/7, Rebuke Me, Smarty etc.

I encourage  everyone to comment in Engrish/English or Taglish from now on. Normal operation will resume on January 7, 2008. LOL

I thank for you!

Don’t ask for why or what
The things means good
the same for you and I

Birds fly
they don’t think twice
they simply spread their wings
the sun shine it
and then they die..

so I thank for you
and you and you and you
for supporting in me
come back again soon
and after all….

and so again, i say
I thank for you…from me
and from the button of my heart!!!!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. i demand bang pati comments ay engrish! hahaha! baka mamaya may mala-inday ng nagco comment dito ha.

    i think they wouldnt bother if the comment section is not in english as long as your post are. i see that you’ve been hit by the google curse as well.

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