Manay Thess, sagot sa kahirapan!!!!

Aside from doing TAGs and MEMEs, another way of making this whole blogging world go round is joining online contests! It’s fun and it builds camaraderie among bloggers. Nakakatuwa. Naku, when I get richie rich talaga, mag papa BINGO ako sa blogosphere!!! Hahahah…

Sa letrang I, batam-bata…DAISY SAIS!! Sa letrang O….baliktaran..69….sa letrang B…BINGOOO!!!

Ansaya diba!!

Speaking of online contests, here’s what I found from the very generous and talented MANAY THESSESRIE, madami pa syang pa-kontest kaya mag CIA MODE tayo dun! Join! Join! Join naaaah! Daliii!!! Click! Click! Click! Watch out for contest #2.

Nakow, sabi nga ng nanay ko, kahit maglakad kayo from here to Monumento, hinde kayo makakapulot ng 100P noh eh 10$ pa kaya.

Check out details HERE


  1. Contest #1 is open only to non publishers (those who do not have monetized blogs.) Please don’t join if you’re a publisher as I want to give non publishers a better chance…we’re are already earning our own.
  2. You must have a Paypal account to where I can transfer your money.
  3. You must post an entry on your blog stating that you joined my Contest #1 (link this entry) and include the answer by linking the url.
  4. Point me to your post by leaving a comment on this Contest #1 entry.
  5. First correct answer will be immediately announced.
  6. The winner can only join once.
  7. Question is: Identify the comfort food I have prepared for my husband and I the night our Danielle (ferret) received the lethal injection. Clue: Answer can be found on my food blog, year 2005

Mega search and kalkal ako sa archives but nevertheless, I enjoyed it. Ginutom pa kamo aketch sa sarap nung food. Manay, here’s my answer Le Crepe Suzette!!!!

I love you Manay Thess! Next time, sana bahay at lupa naman. Hahahaha!

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. you’re simply unbelievable malen!! para kang si FLASH!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS DARLING, YOU GOT THE RIGHT ANSWER! Now, that wasn’t so hard di ba? :em50: linsyak, na excite ako sa iyo ah! don’t forget to include the link where you found the answer (foodblog) ….rule #3

    Please email me your Paypal account and I will transfer your moolah ASAP!

    Thanks for joining!! Ganda ng buena mano ko, yihaaa!!

  2. Inday Malen, I’ve already sent your moolah..please check your email :em50: Merry Christmas!!

    Next time ikaw ang magpa contest ng kondominyum, magka kondo naman kami ni darleng ko! :em34:

  3. sali ako dito. mahilig ako sa contest eh! lahat na nga yata ng contest tinext ko wala namang swerte. malay baka dito swertehin ako hehe. malen share ko lang punta ka sa, me pini-feature ako dun na pacontest. si kotseng kuba andun. me pakontest din sia.

    mommy thess salamat sa pacontest na to ha. pwede ba ako jan?

  4. Ehee, ang daya di ako makasali. Sige na nga alis na nga lang ako sa post na ito :em55: Will visit again kapag tapos na ng skuling ko, hehe…dami kasi rekwarments eh….miss yah!

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