An Affair to Remember


Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup
They slither while they pass, they slip away across the universe…


Exactly 4 years ago today, I started an affair that is hard to break, end and forget. It was mainly out of curiousity lang sana. Plus, a lot of people seem to be doing it so I said, why don’t I give it a try. Over the years, my feelings become more intense and our love has grown deep. I’m proud to say that we have been together for 1460 days now. Sticking it out through good and stormy weather. We’ve done a lot of detours. 656 good and bad talks, 11 homes and the worst part is that some people (MIS) in my workplace attempted to destroy our relationship but we stood up for each other. Thank you for always being there when all I wanna do is to vent out my frustrations. Thank you for listening to all my silly jokes and even if I don’t hear you laugh about them, I will tell still tell you all my sillyness and craziness. You are my comfort in times of stress. My faithful, never demanding, never assuming, always around, never changing steadfast lover, my nosebeleeding at its finest…my dear BLOG. No boyfriend will ever surpass the things you’ve done for me. lol

Happy 4th year anniversary dear. Hahaha. After 8 blogspot accounts, 2 accounts, 1 blogdrive account and a total of 656 posts, I am still alive, alert, awake and blogging enthusiastically. Don’t ask why. I just love it. Period.

Anyway, iRonnie tagged me (originated from JON)to write few things about the 7 bloggers, maintaining their anonymity, who have inspired me throughout my blogging career.

Ayos, saktong pang drama anthology sa anniversary. Ok, let me present to you the bloggers who inspired me into blogging.

( I am going to violate the rule of this whole MEME. Apologies to Jon, I can’t help it. Next time, I’ll [try to] be more obedient. Spare me this one ha. Feel ko ang mag emote. lol)

My BLOG GURU. The first person who introduced me into this whole thing. The one who taught me everything about blogging 4 years ago. You taught me how it is to blog, switch templates and learn HTML. You’ve always been around since DAY 1 and I am forever grateful for that. Thank you for being generous in sharing your passion.

MY DEAREST LURKER. I was really touched when you told me one tiMe how much you enjoy my wrIting and that you never fail to visit this blog whenever you go online. That coming from you is such an honor because you are The one who inspired me to think deeper, look further and blog better. I hope you’ll get back into blogging beCause between the 2 of us, I know, you’re the better writer. I also appreciate the text you sent me last last week. I love you and your family. So mucH. PS, I’m amazed on how much you know my blogmates here (esp. Jojitah hahaha).

My AVID READER SINCE BLOGSPOT DAYS. I’m always impress on how you put those words together in your blog. I love your rantings, loud and very snobbish sometimes yet full of humor and attitude. You are the first thing that comes to my mind whenever I hear Starbucks coffee. I hope to meet you very soon and drink coffee with yah.

MY FRIENDS WHO DOESN’T WANT TO SWITCH TO WP. You gurls have been around eversince I started. We grew up blogging together and even now that I moved out, you still followed me. I’ve met a lot of people who come and go but You stayed and never got tired of reading and commenting. We share more than just a friendship and I call it SISTERHOOD.

My DAILY DOSE OF LAUGHTER. What started out as a competition over a GUY we both adore turned out to be a lovely friendship. You taught me the value of commenting back and reaching out. I am grateful to have met you – you make my blogging habit a lot lot funnier. Your social climbing lessons are truly inspirational and I shal embed them in my heart and mind. lol. I am really uberly excited to see you this soon.

I GET NOSEBLEED WHENEVER I READ YOUR BLOG. The first time I read your ABOUT ME page, I was totally mesmerized on how much effort you put into it to make it look pleasing. We may have different opinions on SOME matters but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. Ngayon ko lang to sasabihin, di ko na uulitin ever, you have inspired me in so many ways. Sabi mo nga “writing should come from the heart”. Your wisdom, wit, humor and frankness makes me feel at home. Kahit na anong ASAR mo sa ‘kin, di mo ko mapapatumba. Thank you for trusting me your deep dark (whaaat, DARK??) secrets. I will (try to) keep them forever. Haha

And last but not the least,

YOU. Yes, YOU my dear blogmates. I see a part of myself in all of you. Many times I find myself being overtaken by your passion/s and inspire me to pursue my own. I am truly honored that you added me on your Blogroll. Your kind words, laughters, encouragement and even the smallest act of caring has turned my life full circle. I heart you all.

Sobrang alam ko na love nyo na ko. I appreciate your effort and time sa pagbisita sa kin dito. Di bale, pag yumaman ako, lahat ng nasa blogroll ko may laptop! lol. Ayan, natapos din. I’m passing this tag to MOGLi, Aimz, Ambo, Maru, Eva, Lizz and Jojitah. To you and everybody else,

LIFE is worth blogging for!




Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Aha bumabaw ha! Thanks sa greetings labtim! O hinay hinay sa pagbibigay ng dugo baka maubusan tayo jan hahahaha. You’re the best! Bait mo talaga.

  2. Aha bumabaw ha! Thanks sa greetings labtim! O hinay hinay sa pagbibigay ng dugo baka maubusan tayo jan hahahaha. You’re the best! Bait mo talaga. Teka, gawin ko yang tag mo pag ok na utak ko hehehehe.

  3. mare lubha akong naaliw dito sa mga smileys na parang mga adik sa pagkahyper. hahahaha.. wait lang itong tagarloo mo ever ha. 😉 kakarerin ko itech. wabyu malen!!!!! :em64:

  4. @ Ambo – pinagdudahan mo ba minsan ang kabaitan ko? hahaha. hapi bday. sugod kami jan sa laspinas ni reynaelena. NOW.

    @ kotsengkuba – salamat talaga sa plugin. type na type ko. haha, nakakalukring sila. :em55: ansaya ko! sobra! dahil lang dito :em71:

    @ jojitah – hahaha. parang tayo yan jojie. hyper!! i :em70: you too!

  5. hanep kala ko pang joe di mango tong post nato, love for blogging ever pala, happy anniversary :em50:

      ” :em33:tenchu pusa! kala ko nga din pang moa eh…kaso wala pala ko nun. haha” :em50:

  6. maligayang anibersaryo sa inyo ng blog mo! ipagpatuloy ang pag-ibig at pagsulat!

      “iya, na-nonosebleed :em71: ako sa url mo..haha, hanggang ngayon di ko pa kabisado, hehe”

  7. aba, pers op ol, happy anniversary sa iyo at sa blog mo! i feel so unworthy to be tagged with this meme given that 4 months pa lang ang blog ko. kumbaga, utoy pa lang po. pero pipilitin ko, sa abot ng aking makakaya na isakatuparan ang simulaing ito sa lalong madaling panahon! hangkyut ng mga smileys mo,,,pa test nga rin. para sa iyo ito mula sa malamig na lupain ng sweden: :em59: hehehe :em32:

      :em55: “BORDS!! tenchuuuuu!! wag mo pilitin masyado bords baka maganito ka :em71: hahaha. Nakakaloka yang smileys na yan…kung anu-ano ang pinag ingat bords :em59: wala bang kasamang flying chocolate yang flying kiss na yan….lol ” :em32:

  8. Happy blogversary manay chuvs!! I’m one of your whenever,whatever fan (pamaypay,lol)

    But seryosli,am sooo glad & happy talaga that I’ve met someone like you here sa blablag world pramis!

      :em59: MANAY CHEH!! i :em70: you! i’m honored to have met you too. mahal na kita!! pa-:em33:


  9. uy grabeh tagal mo na pala nagbablag ha 🙂 congrats happy 4th year anniv kelan naman kasal? hehehehehe!! at hanga ako kasi pala yung mga kasama mo noong nag-uumpisa ka pa lang hanggang ngayon nandyan pa rin ..walang iwanan. hmmnn teka nga hanapin ko yung mga dati kong blagkada, saan kaya mga nagsusuot yung mga yun?

      “medyo matagal na nga, oldies na baga. nyahahaa. kasal?! kasal?!:em54: live in muna kami nitong blog ko. lol. ansarap nun feeling na yung mga kasama ko nun una, til the end kasama ko pa din”
  10. ui ui.. nitag kita!
    wahaahah! nakaganti na rin sa wakas.
    hahaha! :em47:

    “uyy, bato bato pik, may pending pa kong mga TAGs ha…saka ko muna careerin yan. Nway, tenkyu!”:em55:

  11. Honestly, when I first read your blog, I thought, wow this girl is a true comedian but little did I know na meron ka palang talent to write – I admire you for keeping up with that, at least consistent ka.

    I like people who “annoys” me in a way na you even take the time to listen to people singing kahit the buffering takes forever bago mag-play. I was shocked that you actually “make biro” here and there pero you still like to listen. At least I gained readership from you dahil marunong kang mam-bola (hik hik hik). Truth is, your comments made me laugh. Kulang na lang buhusan mo ako ng tubig bago umulan para tumigil na ako sa pag karaoke.

    Happy Blogniversary! Kumanta ka naman anoh? Duet tayo. Wag lang yung kay MJ na song.

      “hala, am I annoying you?”:em42: pero seriously, maganda talaga ang voice mo :em55:
  12. Malen happy halloween! You are such a wonderful person. I just hope someday the secret you shared with me will become a reality. Malay mo mauntog :em41: hahaha.

    Godbless and keep on dreaming.

      “You are wonderful — Haha, guard your heart bluep. Nyahahaha” :em32:

  13. Congrats sa’yo… Galing naman 4th year blogversary na! Wuhooo!!!

      :em55: “ello misyel, hehe…medyo niluma na kami ng panahon no. tenkyu for coming over ha”
  14. Wow, four years! Ang galing. Congratulations. :em39:

      “tenchu..almost 4 years with blogspot pero ilang months pa lang ako sa WP..mas ok dito, nakakatuwa yun mga plugins eh”

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