Bl0gging is a habit

Blogging is a habit.

It’s like nail biting during periods of stress and boredom. It’s like the TV show you don’t wanna miss each night. It’s like talking while your mouth is full. It’s your favorite dinner, favorite book and your opium each morning. It’s what you do first thing when you wake up, during your free time, lunch break and before going home. Your daily ritual.

“Oh my God, I haven’t got a title for my entry today”

After several years, I haven’t seem to kick the habit that is blogging. It has become my lifestyle. It has grown up in me and I couldn’t keep her from writing and thinking and ranting. Like if I bumped into some snobbish officemate, you’ll hear me saying this:

“I’m going to blog about you later!”

If I get caught in a heavy traffic, you’ll read it on my blog the next day. What’s weird is that, some of the things that I do now are rooted on blogging.

If I’m going to eat this, tell me, is this food worth blogging for?

Hahaha. And I realized, I am close to losing my job because I’m actually spending more time blogging and bloghopping than working! That’s half truth. You think it’s becoming a bad habit?

In blogging, you give so much of yourself to your readers and sometimes you forget to notice how much it is. And before you know it, blogging is your whole day, and your whole life. Just as it is for the alcoholic. The addict. You become so attached to it. But this is the kind of habit that I like because it allows me to share my ideas, explain my reasoning, and hear feedbacks. This is where I can say whatever I want to say and that doesn’t happen all the time in real life! I pretend to be a writer here and whenever I start to see how people respond, that’s where the fun begins. I’ve met a lot of good people around here and I learn from them. I get inspired. It makes me happy when they’re happy, sad when they’re sad. I laugh too when they laugh and feel bad when they feel bad. You see, there’s a connection! It looked as virtual as it is but it could work its way into true bonding and friendship.

I maybe spending a lot of times here more than I should but it has done me well. It’s not at ALL bad. Yes, blogging is my guilty pleasure 7 times a week, my sometimes-annoying-time-consuming-nose-bleeding habit. I’m giving it so much time, effort and thoughts, and I’m getting so much back in return. And for as long as I can, in good times or bad times; for richer or for poorer; in sickness and in health; with or without readers… I’m here to blog. I’m practically married to it. Hahaha


5 Little Expenses



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  1. uy aba okey na yan pambayad ng DSL lol!!! ako kaya makabili ng kamera? hehehehe pero tinigil ko na e sabi sayo wala akong tyaga lol!
    wala akong tyagang kumita hehehehe!..lanya kapag binabasa ko mga koment ko para kong napapraning…sa tingin mo? πŸ™‚

  2. @ AMBO — sabi ko naman sayo tsong, GUARD YOUR HEART. hahaha

    @ NALEEEN — hehe, pag alang tyaga alang nilaga. ako, kayod marino kase gs2 ko bumili ng laptop tsa gs2 ko mag OOTC next year! kaso baka abutin ng 9-9 pag inasa ko lang sa dneero. Wiheee. Inferness, ang ganda ng cam na gamit mo sa weekend snapshots.

  3. And then, your enrtries with this new home has “changed” as well. I don’t anymore see the “nosebleed” in you here. It’s the new “you”, I think.

    We blog for others. Without the people who comes and visit, why bother right?

  4. in fairness sony dsc-w50 lang yun lol!! kailangan kumita rin ako para makabili ng Nikon D80 o kahit Canon EOS 400 man lang, o baka gusto mo ko balatuhan sa mga kinikita mo dito lol!!

  5. K, you got it all wrong…kung alam mo lang kung gaano ako na-nosebleed nun sinulat ko un entry na yan…all English eh….hahahha. May purpose yan. πŸ™‚

    “We blog for others. Without the people who comes and visit, why bother right?”

    I agree with you…pero for years, I managed to keep blogging even without readers. It didn’t bother me at all. Parang DIARY, you write your story but no one’s reading and I was perfectly fine with it.

  6. I enjoyed this post so much! Made me smile. And I suppose for a lot of people who blog or read blogs, it’s about sharing oneself and others without having to pick up the phone or seeing them in person. True, some are more addicted to it than others. I do wish I could spend more time blogging so I can connect with more people.

    Your Love Coach

  7. To blog or not to blog, dat iz the kwistyon! Ang mahalaga ay importante,,este, ay enjoy ka sa ginagawa mo. Kung saan ka masaya, supurtahan ta ka, ika nga! Kidding aside, I truly have great respect and admiration for people who can be so open and so willing to share their entire self to friends, acquaintances and even to complete strangers through blogging. Mabuhay ka Malen! πŸ™‚

  8. oist bords! since wala akong time na i-stalk back ka, gawin mo na lang itong mΓ©mΓ© na “Seven Truths About Bords Malen.” Paki-check na lang dito sa post ko ang invite ko sa iyo.

  9. ay trulili yan manay chuva! as in na as in , for some blogging becomes a habit na,yung iba pa nga profesyon na nila ito. kainggit yung mga kumikita ng limpak limpak noh?

    Naks,nag I do na si ambo naka caps lock pa,seryoso na to malen πŸ˜€

  10. @ DOC JOY — you always say the nice things. thank you for enjoying it.

    @ MOGLiii — uyyy bords, you admire me na…i admire you moooreee LOL πŸ™‚

    @ eva — evameee, get back to blogging na…daliii. i’ll help you with what ever I can

    @ hannah — with or w/o .com, i’m here to blog. Why not switch to WP?

    @ MARU — hahaha, sana nga yumaman tayo sa dneero at makabili ng laptop. haha…may MOO ka naman maru diba? uyy, relasyon….

    @ MALDITO — haha, did I change? Really?

    @ LAARNI — hi sugar, yeah, blogging is soo addicting…you can’t get enough of it..parang DRUGS, nakaka HIGH. lol

    @ BORDSSS — WOW….. ~ ENtertaining and Stalking Bords MALEN ~ edi 5 na lang idadagdag ko..hahaha. tenkyu bords ha πŸ™‚

    @ CHEH — I know someone who’s earning P20K monthly by just blogging…wow! that’s a lot of money. Hahaha, naku baka tuluyang ma-develop si Ambo..wahahhahah

  11. hahaha… loving your blog!!! it’s my first time here… at nakangiti ako the whole time.. haha… just wish you could visit my blog too… you can critic if you want… be your most flippant self if you may, it will only amuse me more..hahaha

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