Ok, this is it! Do you remember this post HERE. This is my official entry for REYNAELENA’S OFW SLOGAN & LOGO DESIGN CONTEST.

The whole idea is simple. Create a catchy slogan and a sleek logo that captures the spirit and best expresses and exemplifies what an Overseas Filipino Worker is all about.

I never actually thought of joining since I am not really into this competition chenes. I haven’t joined any contest other than SCRABBLE, TRIVIA and HISTORY QUIZ BEE. Also, I am not really graphically creative and I haven’t master PHOTOSHOP yet BUT since I love nosebleeding moments, I gave it a shot and spent several nights, hours, minutes braindraning and I managed to come up with something like this:

Nosebleeding at its finest! Indeed! Oist, walang okrayan ha, this is the best thing I can come up with, given a very little time. I actually decided to join a week before the final date of submission. Sabi ko na nga ba, mas mahusay akong trumabaho pag may kasamang CRAMMING. FYI: I had to re-do the whole thing kase I saved my entry in my office email but when I got home, my email wont open so mega cramming ako and I only got 1.5hours left. I sent it like 5 mins before the deadline!! Sobrang na stress ako, my hands were really shaking and ngarag-ngaragan to the nth level. The result, well, it is actually a lot better than the one I was going to send. Ok, so what’s it all about?

Pinoy, pang-WORLD CLASS!!

I honestly believe that our OFWs are very competitive and one of the best workers around the world. You don’t agree? Ok, let’s meet MOGLI in Sweden, an aspiring Nobel Prize Recipient in Medicine, Literature, Peace whatever. I read, err, I stalked his academic achievements and man, I was like, waaaaaahhh MAHAL NA KITA MOGLI!!! Hahaha.

Then there’s ATE BENG HAFNER who makes world class WP themes. There’s also Mami Kengkay and Miss Cheh, real world class beauties.

A Z R A E L in Oman is a World Class DJ, you should listen to his cool mixes to know what I mean.

Knoizki in HK is a world class singer, I mean, world class professional. There’s Banana of UAE. Chuva, Nell, Trish and Diwa in the US of A. Nalen and Syana in Canada. Doc Joy and Kiko in the UK. Plus many nameless OFWs — I salute you all for the hard work, dedication, efforts in fostering good will, enhancing and promoting the image of the Filipinos as competent, responsible and dignified workers, as well as your contributions to the development of our country!


And of course, REYNA ELENA, I adore you. Your humor + wit + talent + confidence + hard work + appeal + charm and everything, truly remarkable!


I also submitted another entry kaso disqualified daw. Hahaha. Here it is:


Ang Supersireyna ng mga OFW!


The winning Slogan gets Php5,000 and the winning Logo gets Php5,000! If you win both the Slogan and the Logo, you get to keep a whopping Php10,000 glittering and twinkling pesoses!



(Ok, so now, I think you know already why you’re NAME is listed there. Haha)

Ang hindi bumoto sa kin, TANDAAN, aalisin ko sa BLOGROLL. Hehe

Seriously, check out REYNAELENA.COM for all other entries and please, vote sincerely and vote for the best. Ang gagaling nila! Thank you! Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. @Ruthie, naku dapat lang na iboto mo ko kase that’s what friends are for! We’ll never be bestfriends for nothing. I voted for you too! Hahhaha

    @MAMI KENGKAY, hahaha, sabi ko pa naman wholesome ako..baket nga ba ganyan yang Auction Ads na yan?

    @ MOGLiiiii — tenkyu, it means a lot 🙂

  2. @partofyou — ay mukhang hinde pa nga ito ang final…fickle minded daw kami eh..i’m actually going to change it soon..kakasilaw ang masyadong kaputian dito

    @jeangrey, haha, talagang gudlak sa kin! yun kay jojie, oks na..check mo daliii! tenk yu jean ha.

  3. Buti ka pa labtim nakahabol eh. kung hindi lang nagkalintek lintek last week, makakasali din ako eh. Ayos sa logo ah, lalo na yung second na supersireyna ng mga ofw. hahahaha. Go for the Gold na to! Yahoo!

  4. Hello..I liked the design and the’s nice..god job..whether u win or should be proud of ur work..i salute u for ur hardwork!

  5. @K – Must be the theme or probably restrictions, firewall? i don’t know din…your PC doesn’t like me? Waaaaahh..stereotyping! hahaha

    I’ll try changing themes soon..nakakasilaw nga daw ang kaputian dito. Did you get my requests? Thanks! 🙂

  6. @NAZ – wow tenk yu for liking it. Tayong dalawa lang yata ang nagandahan sa gawa ko. Hehe. I think it’s very raw, anyway, oks lang kahit di manalo…I’m not really after the money although winning 10K would be grand sana

    tenkyu sa dalaw ha

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