The Joy of Single-chenes-hood

When a girl reached 30+++ and still single, there is a greater chance that she ends up living alone, unmarried and successful but maybe, not quite happy.

I am not yet 30 (will be in a COUPLE of yearssss) but just thinking about it (30++, single, unattached, gorgeous and hopefully rich) makes me a little sad. I just have this feeling that when you’re 30++ and single, nearly crossing the finish line, you’re bound to  be single for the rest of your life. I could be wrong about it but I’ve seen it happen to other people. Let’s just say, I’m so damn afraid to live and die alone. Blame it on Adam Sandler’s GROW OLD WITH YOU.     

On the other hand, I am super enjoying this whole  SINGLE-CHENES-HOOD thingy. Its perks and pitfalls. The freedom it offers. The joy it brings.

I know it’s pathetic, but being single means I don’t have to keep stalking YOU in Friendster. I love it that I can go out anytime I want, whenever I want. I love it that I don’t have to suffer from the annoyances of having a partner who keeps on asking my whereabouts. I am not pressured on being in my best and sweetest self all the time. I don’t have to worry if my nails aren’t polished, if my hair is frizzy, if I eat a lot or eat less, if I partied through the wee hours of the morning (which I don’t do), if I don’t textback or callback, if I roll on the floor laughing out loud, if I speak in chenes-tongues,  if I walk the streets of Carriedo/Quiapo/Divisoria for hours etc. I am happy being QUIRKYALONE. I really am, although sometimes you hear me saying I am not. Instead of romancing another person, I’m happy spending my life romancing life for all its worth.

Plus, I’m saving myself from insecurities, heartaches, headaches and the green-eyed-monster. FREEDOM IT IS!! I’m single and I’m fine, thank you for asking.

Don’t get me wrong here. I do not detest couples and happy relationships. I’m getting there sooner or later but for now, let me delight in this bliss of seclusion. And FYI, I can do MOORREE by just embracing my singleness. Like:

1. I can stay in front of the computer for straight 15 hours

2. I can do DVD marathon for straight 12 hours (CSI Seasons 1-5, Prison Break 1-2, Ugly Betty, Kyle XY, korean flicks, Meteor Garden, Hwang Jini, Jang Geum, Smallville, Grey’s, OTH)

3. I can stay awake the whole night just blogging, youtubing and partly chatting

4. I can watch 5 movies (straight) during rest day

5. I can stay at home couched at the sofa for hours doing nothing

6. I can read books from cover to cover several times, to the point of memorizing the lines 

7. I can survive without using cellphone, landline but spare my DSL connection, ok.

8. I can spend many many hours with my gurlfriends eating out, watching movies and talking loud at each other

10. I do not have to ask permission if I want my hair curly or greenish/reddish

11. I can have fun as long as I want without feeling guilty ever

12. I can go somewhere else without ever worrying if YOU have eaten your breakfast, lunch and dinner

13. You wont see me arguing or crying over petty things

Plus many many other things that I cannot put into words because my English is very limited and I’m having a nosebleed now — it is getting worse everyday. 

Am I living a boring life? Am I missing anything? Nope. I’d say, I’m living my BEST LIFE NOW whether YOU believe it or not.

(this post is for THAT person who’s acting like a pressure cooker lately, pressuring me..pressuring me…pressuring me to the max!!!) 


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. hmm…my sentiments actually…

    Tansa mo b ung joke ng brod ko tungkol sa Foxy Lady?

    Marlon:Ate, alam ko kung bakit gusto mong mapanood ang Foxy Lady?
    Janis : bakit naman? Nakakatuwa nga, e
    Marlon : Hindi. Kasi papunta ka na dun!

  2. apir disapir! natumbok mo ang aking mga sentimyento. ok naman ang single hah, dba? i wonder why some people look at it as if its some sort of curse or a thousand years of loneliness. i beg to differ hah! in the past 10 years that i’ve been in a committed relationship. i think (IMHO) i’m much happier now, than i was when i was with someone. but than can be because im with the wrong person. but still, masaya pa rin naman ang single. dba?

    thanks for posting this and cheers to all singletons =)

  3. No you’re not living a boring life, it just happened na talagang wala pang nagkakamali bwahahahaha. That’s life. Live life to the highest level, to the max! lol

  4. I’m bouncing this comments you made on the same post.


    11. Destiny Adik
    10. Perfectionist/Mapili
    9. Busy Busyhan
    8. Friendship Theory
    7. Born-to-be-one (Autistic)
    6. Happy-go-lucky
    5. Wrong Place
    4. Wrong Time
    3. Si parents kasi
    2. Traumatic Experience
    1. EX to the nth power — Oi aminin!!! LOVE parin si Ex kahit ilang dekada na ang nakakalipas

  5. @ janis — hahaha, kaya pala nagustuhan ko din un foxy lady

    @ SARDONICNELL — api disapir one half one fourth…one fourth one half disapir apir!!!! hahahaha…napag iiwanan na daw tayo ng tren…so what??!

    @ AMBO — walang magkamali ka jan! alam ko ang tawag jan, INGGIT. Hahahaha

  6. “Plus many many other things that I cannot put into words because my English is very limited and I’m having a nosebleed now – it is getting worse everyday”

    hahahaha. No your english is actually fine and excellent. Talo mo nga kami kasi may pa quirky-quirky ka pang nalalaman jan hahaha!

    PS. Ada + Ambo = Guy and Pip hahahahaha

    (udyok udyok, bukas kakayog-kayog) hahahahaha

  7. Uyyy may love life na si ate. 😛 But really, everything has its perks and pitfalls. It all depends if you’re ready for the pitfalls. 😀

    I hope you do decide for the best. Take care!


  8. Blue bwahahahaha lekat ka ginawa mo pa akong si Pip!
    Malen – ang ibig kong sabihin walang magkamali kasi nahihiya silang lumapit sa isang dalagang Pilipina na ubod ng hinhin at konserbatibo. Ang hindi lang nila alam… be continued. bwahah

  9. @Malen – ala hoy! lahat naman ata alam mo kung ano tawag…

    gusto ko ipost sa 100th post ko yung screen cap ng webcam mo kanina umaga hahahaha… matutuwa sila kasi palagi kang naka-ngisi hahahaha

    @ambo – bagay naman kayo ah… trio na kayo ni Inang Reyna kay Malen hahaha…. hindi threesome ang tawag sa inyo… MA-ALIN Hahahaha.

    Kiding lang, sinasapian na naman ako ng espirito ni johnny walker…

  10. @dru — lablife ka jan!

    @ AMBO — wag mo akong SIRAIN…alanghiya kaah!

    @ BLUEP — uyy, ini-screen cap mo nga?? uyyyyy…gagawing desktop wallpaper. harharhar…kala mo, kala mo ha!

  11. len, kulang ng number 9. memory gap ba ang tawag dyan? lol.

    “10. I do not have to ask permission if I want my hair curly or greenish/reddish” <— parang ako ‘to ah! hahaha natumbok moh!

    anyway, same here len. a singleton and romancing life 🙂
    sabi ko na nga ba may relasyon kayo ni ambo eh!

  12. @ aiMz – honga no walang #9 – hahaha…yaan mo na yan..ikaw nga yang 10..hahahha..oist wag kayo ganyan…baka madevelop si ambo! harharhar..pero IT tingin ko mas bagay kayo…get get awwww!!

    @ LIZZ — haneeeeppppp!! 16 pa lang kerengkeng na! mwaahahahaha

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