I’m having a nosebleed!! HELP!!

CHUVANESS is in need of help!

PAGE.PH, a world class webshosting and domain registration company, has approved my blog for their site sponsorship promo (read: LIBRENG HOSTING). That means “NOSEBLEEDING at its finest” will become official in the next few days, err, probably, weeks. Anshorrrayy ba??!!!

So, after giving it much thought, I’m finally joining the bandwagon — I am registering my own domain, but wait, I’ve got a super BIGGIE problem. The domain I wanna use is already taken. Do you have any suggestion/s? Please!!!!

If your suggested domain is chosen, I will be indebted to you forever.

Magbibigay ako ng GIFT. Pramis. Pwedeng free domain for 1 year, date (one night only, nyahahah), libreng entertainment (hinde showcase ha, sing and dance lang, haha), trip to StarCity for 2, pwede akong maging alalay for 1 week, I can do your laundry, libreng masahe & foot spa, free breakfast meal sa Jollibee for 5 days, kahit ano basta keri ko, I’ll gladly do it for you.

I’m paying it forward. Nyahaha. Pero seriousness itetch. Braindrain na ang tita nyo, any help extended will be appreciated. Thank you ALL for the support! Mwaah!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. wow! antaray mo len! congratz! *hugzzz*
    i suggest the following:


    and last but not the least:
    CHUVACHUVACHUVANESS.COM <– antaray diba??!

  2. WAGI ka talaga AtI!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!
    ako eto naman.. *mwha*

    malensky.com (pet name ko sa’yo)
    chuvaforever.com (natutuwa ako dito)
    malen-ada.com (i-announce ba?!?!)
    chuvaXXX.com (parang PORN! hehehe)

    at higit sa lahat…
    aimzster.com (tapos bigay mo ke It!)
    angelofthewaters.com (tapos bigay mo sa akin…)

  3. ako? stick pa rin ako sa

    1. http://nosebleed.net
    2. http://balinguynguy.net (tagalog ng nosebleed)
    3. http://epistaxis.net (medical term ng nosebleed)
    4. http://malen-ada.net
    5. http://nireglang_ilong.net
    6. http://wounds_that_never_heal.net
    7. http://ilong-ga.net
    8. http://princesschuvaness.net
    9. http://horse-with-no-name.net
    10. http://ambo_and_ada_4eva.net

    hahaha. o unique mga yan ha. baka may masabi ka pa dyan! go with the dot net my friend.

  4. eto na nga. nahuli tuloy ako. hehehe. sa mga nagpost namili ako jan, eto nagustuhan ko
    CHUVACHUVACHUVANESS.COM at chuvaXXX.com the best bwahahaha. naaliw lang ako sa dalawang yan fanalo!

    parang ok sakin yung sinabi ni kiko. chuvalen.com, nosebleedchuva.com…

    sakin para maiba
    dugodugoilong.com joke!

    cguro stick to your trademark malen. yung merong kabuntot na nosebleed. like nosebleeding.com, nosebleed.ph since di na pwede .com…bahala ka na mamili sa mga commentators mo kasi dumudugo na ilong ko bwahahahaha

  5. I think I made a comment to kengkay’s about the same “DH” post and I was outrage by the remarks about Philippines but after it was updated with a short video (I almost repeatedly watched it several times), I realized it was just indeed a TV show and I am not offended at all. And now that I have read dozens upon dozens of blogs (including this), to me it is beginning to look like the Malu Fernandez controversy all over again.

    Ay bahala na nga kayo people, baka one day nasa TV na rin Chuvaness at dumudugo pa ilong. Wala lang, I find it funny kasi masyadong sensitive mga Pinoys and the issue has been blown out of proportion.

  6. chuvalencheness.com or chuvanessky.com
    chuvalensky.com or .net 😉
    hahahahah ang galing mo maghagilap malen bilib ako sayu! 😆

    or gusto mo dot org pa para mas astig! 😆

  7. congrats sister kaka inggit naman to oh! ehehehehehe

    sige eto suggestion ko, pero isa lang naisip ko e.:


    para madaling maalala diba..? hehehhe


  8. mag-decide ka na len!

    CHUVANESSOLOGY.COM <– scientific study of nosebleed
    CHUVCHUVCHUV.COM <– parang train
    CHUVANESSTIC.COM <– puede!
    CHUVANESSITY.COM <— university yan
    CHUVANESSTER.COM <– parang friendster!
    CHCHCHUVANESS.COM <— parang nauutal dahil nagno-nosebleed at the same time.
    CHUVANESSY.COM <– patwitams
    CHUVANESSLING.COM <– eeeewww

    o kaya tagalugin mo na lang:

    teka, ano bang prize nito? free domain???? YEY!!!
    aimzster.com! aimzster.com!

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