I am not eating rice for 1 week!


Just recently, 2 old friends I haven’t seen for ages challenged me to lose weight within 6 months and I feel like being pressurized to death, but I honestly believe that this is just what I needed, a little push, to finally shed off those few extra pounds. This is like a suicide for me since I love eating RICE more than anything else. Sabi nga nila, ‘No Pain, No Loss’. Kaya ko to! AJA!

Here’s something I just realized today — you should do your WALKING with a little effort. Di ba sabi nila WALKING can help you lose weight? I never believed that. God knows I’ve walked a mile already from getting to work – home and then work again for the past 5 years and look at me now, I ended up gaining a monstrous 30 lbs! Yah know what the secret is, change your walking pace. I guarantee the results. So the next time you find yourself walking from Edsa to Ali Mall, walk faster or slower to burn those calories!


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    like how jokes are made to be broken.

    i’ll join the club len.. no rice for 1 week.
    tignan natin kung may supernatural effects na mangyayari.

  2. good luck!

    ganito na lang liitan mo yung plato mo tapos bago ka kumain uminom ka ng tubig or orange juice mga 2 glasses so medyo full ka na nun, tapos nun kain ka na ulit tapos inom ulit… tingnan natin – at least na lelessen yung rice na iniintake mo…

    kasi ako nde ko maiwasan na walang rice kasi nga mas marami ang rice namin kaysa ulam ehehhehehe…

    tapos eto pa, pag tingin mo busog ka na alalahanin mong mataba ka tapos mawawalan ka ng ganang kumain… hehehehe

    kung nde ka nagigym, magpapawis ka.. pumanhik at pumanaog ka sa hagdan mga ilang beses o kaya pahabol ka sa aso tapos pagpawis ka na dumb bells na o di ba…

  3. Promises are MEANT to be broken… pero kung serious ka na… This I gotta see! hihihi

    Try mo muna one meal rice a day para hindi ka mabigla. Pero naman baka naman ang one mean rice mo eh isang bandehado! aysus.

    Ganito nalang.. kumain ka nalang maraming gummy worms. Or i-try mo yung ininom ko dati. Nawala appetite ko tapos puro water intake lang ako. Bilis ako pumayat nun.

  4. thank you all for the support! so far, 2 days lang ang kinaya ko ng walang rice…haha, last night, i attended a bridal shower party, di ako nakatiis, sarap kase ng sisig eh.

  5. just eat rice after work or at least 5 hrs before you go to sleep…pag nagustom ka eat ka nalang ng fruits…kaya mo yan…later on masasanay na rin sikmura mo…hehehe good luck

  6. Not eating rice.

    For the past 10 days, I have not included rice for that past 10 days, out of curiosity to understand how my body responds. I am a health freak and [ ( not gymming type, but eating healthy food, drink clean water (not boiled, but filtered water via old method of water filtering through candle sticks) and breath clean air , and play sports ]. Its nearly been 10 days now, I feel absolutley fantastic about the way my mind and body feels. I have not weighed, but I feel ultra weight. Many issues got resolved in with a single decision to stop eating rice. a) no burning sensation, no blurbs, no bleaching, no flatuance and importantly, reduced tummy line. I replaced rice with chapti, I am veg, so I do not take egg or now veg, but I everyday suppliment with a bowl of finely choped carrot, lettuce or spinach leaves , cucumber, sported green peas, pineapple or apple, pinch of jeera powder, salt to taste. Mix the mixture , eat it after 15 – 20 mins.

    Happy body and mind.

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