EX-Harry Potter Hater

I was never a fan of Harry Potter. I haven’t read a single book though my sister got several (book) copies – she’s a true HP fanatic just like RUTHIE.  It was all childish and darkish (I mean gloomy) and it’s just not the same with LOTR — which is one of my all-time favorite movies — deep and heroic and interesting. I just couldn’t understand the whole HP craze that never seems to wane.

I have watched all series but I never actually liked it. Never felt the Harry Potter Craze..never got excited about the film and never got addicted to the HP love teams….until one day, after waking up on the wrong side of the sofa, I got hooked to it all of a sudden. Imagine, I watched all the episodes last Tuesday (all of it!) just before going to work. My head was like on the verge of exploding, I couldn’t even get up. If I wasn’t thinking too much of that P1500, I might have skip working for a day.

It took me years to realize that JKR is such a genius and that HP is actually one of the best written books of all time. For the first time in my life, I have enjoyed Harry Potter more than ever. Err, should I say I enjoyed RON WEASLEY more than ever. Hahaha

O ayan Ruth, di na ko maririndi pag nag-kwento ka about HP habang nasa bus tayo.

…the HP hater is now a Lover! Ayyyy!


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  1. HP lover ka na! Pero ako, hindi ko pa rin ma-feel yung craze eh. To think, I’ve watched the movies na (except for the last). Tapos ngayon may book pako. Weird lang kase yung iba excited to read the book and everything.. tapos ako–walalang. Naka-display lang.. haay…

  2. Bruha ka Liz! Akin na lang yang book mo…

    I don’t know why, basta ako Harry Potter Fan forever…I mean not just Harry Potter, but the whole Harry Potter Fandom…Weasleys, Hermione, Hogwarts, Dumbledore…as in lahat…hehehe

    Welcome to our world! hehehe


  3. Pagkatapos nyan basahin mo yung MANGA or panoorin mo yung Alice Academy or Gakuen Alice mas preferred ko yung MANGA. Mas maganda pa sa Harry Potter ehehehe….

    Balak kong bumili ng book pag medyo mura na tipong P999 peysos hehehehe kasi masyadong mahal ang P1450 eh baba din yan tulad ng others hehehee.. MAGPDF muna tayo hehe

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