You’re soooo gonna love/hate me for this, aiMz

    Awww! I’m soooo freakin’ freakin’ freak right now! I hope you don’t mind me doing this for you, aimz. You know me, I’ve always believed in your GIFTS and PASSION…you are very blessed with your talents and I hope you’ll hit it big time, soon. Don’t ever lose faith in what you do….coz a lot of people out there believes in yah! Keep on rocking!Ok, so here’s what happened, remember this letter HERE, this one below is actually my very excited reply to Mr. KR


    And this is his reply:


    ANOTHER UNDISCOVERED FILIPINO TALENT. Wow! I’m sooo glad he liked your songs. Oh diba binida kita, antaray noh!? AND…
    I have a song!!! I have a song!! Hahaha! It’s not just a SONG! It’s MORE THAN A SONG…it’s a special song! The same producer who produced Josh Verdes’ SAVE ME made me a SUPER-DUPER-ULTRA-MEGA SONG! Beat that! I’m so honored Mr. KR. Thank you so much. I’ve listen to it a hundred times already.
    It’s so nice, you all gotta hear it!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. whaaaaaaaat?????????!!!
    kinabahan ako dito ah!

    eto lang ang masasabi ko….

    akalain mong may “song for malen”????????!!!!!
    guitars played by josh verdes????????!!!!!!!

    parinig naman! dali! parinig!

  2. wow! parinig naman nyan! Nako kelan kaya sila dadating? pakilala ka Aimz! Keep in touch ka lagi malen…

    Song for Malen… Ayos talaga… dinaig ka Aimz…. =B

  3. hey malen, let us hear it.. dunnowho josh verdes is and his music but I’m pretty much intrigued by the email and the song hehehe. (wondering if all artists are that accommodating and thinking of writing michael jackson hahaha)

  4. check out josh verdes here –

    blue, fan ka ni jacko? hahahha. i’ll upload it soon…i’m kinda busy-busyhan pa…will definitely share it to all of you..pramis.

    Hannah, u r soo wrong….hindi ito BAKA SAKALI…sureness ito. hehe

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