Yeah!! It’s officially confirmed! Mark your calendars NOW!!



September 10, 2007
@ The Cuneta Astrodome


Tickets: P1000, 800, 600, 400, 250


…or if you really can’t wait call 951-6423


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. WHAAAAAAT?????!!!! OMG!!!! GRABE NA ITO!!!!!! GRABE! nanginginig ako sa excitement! kelangan may picture ako kasama switchfoot! YAY!!!

  2. Ohmygosh that’s great.
    I was waiting for this to happen, seriously.
    Uhm, well, everyone who’s seeing them –you’re gonna love it.
    Say hi to Jerome for me.
    He doesn’t speak much Tagalog though.
    Maybe my parents will fly us there for the concert… yeah right.


  3. hello malen. yeah i’m not indian. i’m noypi. my pen name just sounds like indian but i’m not. my nose is not a fan of taj mahal. hehehe. well you’re right, I have tons of devedi but as a personal collection hehehe.

    im a fan of switchfoot but i think i’m gonna pass this one since my time is really taken by my endeavors.. i’ll gonna watch it in youtube na lang if some pirate would upload it.

    anyhow, i hope you don’t mind me asking, girl ka ba? hehehe. it’s ok if you’re not but i’ll be glad if you are.. i just don’t want to be confused again you know with all the gay lingo that you have on your blog, it’s just darn confusing hehehe

  4. hehe, thanks!
    I’ve met Jerome before… he’s such a sweet person.
    He probably won’t remember me though, mostly because I didn’t get to meet him for a long period of time… oh well!… heh, he signed my shoe. 🙂
    If you REALLY want to meet the guys, you’ll have to be willing to stay after the show for as long as you need to… I had to wait like almost 3 hours to meet 3 out of 5 of them. But it’s well worth it!!! 😀
    And don’t listen to the security if they say they’re not coming out!!! They love meeting their fans!!! But also respect the security, too. We don’t wanna give Switchfoot a bad reputation. 😉

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