Bloghop, adik adik kay Josh Verdes and

Wow, I just spent my Friday the 13th doing a lot of bloghopping and youtubing – all because of you, Josh.

Wahahhaha. Oh my God! Did I just send a love note to Josh Verdes? ahahahhaha. This is sooo insane..really. Well, I (surprisingly) got a HUGE (as in TITANIC HUGE) crush on him…and crush is just ‘paghanga’ okey, so don’t you dare over react about it….THOUGH, crush can be the gate of love too…so I might have a chance there. Whahaha. Ok, you can over react with that.

Told you, I am such a fan.

I was bloghopping yesterday (okey, truth is, i was searching JOSH VERDES on google) when I came across this highly entertaining ROYALTY BLOG of reynaelena – karibal ko daw sya kay Josh. I was literally glued to HER site the whole time I was working (luckily, in petiks mode) here. Your royal highness, thank you for visiting mah blog. I actually imagined you as a beauty queen…akalain mo yun.


The only reason why I signed up for myspace (again) is YOU (…yes, it’s Josh again) so I could message you err, so I could send you lovenotes. Hahaha. Die Hard ito! Dying. Dead na dead. And do you remember this post, finally, after 48years of waiting, we’re NOW FRIENDS on Friendster. *I wonder what made you change your mind*


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  1. You actually imagined that I was a beauty queen?! He He He! Pantasya ko lang yun ‘day na maging reyna elena dun sa amin sa Barrio Siete.

    So what happened nong ma-realize mo na baklang maton pala ako na me koronang kinakalawang na latang darigold? Sana di ka nahulog sa tarsikol?

    Anyway, talking about Josh Verdes, yeah, pers lab ko din sya! Peks man! Sa toto lang ano! Nababaliw baliw ako dun sa kanta nyang SAVVVEEE MEEEEE!!! Coz i fee like I’m going crazzzyyyy!!!!

  2. sobrang shocked ako nun makita ko un pic mo sa city hall ng philadelphia….natawa ako, reynaelena ba to?!!? i was expecting all glamour and makeup….siguro bf ito ni reyna. hahaahha. u were kinda boy next door there eh….pero when i read your Crazy things happen when I take off my crown post, na enlighten ako….ay bongga ka!

    waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. 143 josh. he’s sooo good talaga! Yeah, ako din…i’m going crazzzzyyyy..somebody save me now!

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