High School Life Oh My High School Life

Look what I found while browsing through FRIENDSTER – some pictures from my beloved HS. I am thrilled to have some of you around after almost more than a decade of friendship. I hope we could have a reunion soon.

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III-Mark, IV-Hope and HS Grad Pic



THE Headbangers – otherwise known as the hearthrobs/popular boys. Look at the immense sense of ‘fraternity’ and loyalty that they share.

And there’s that one guy, the one who is so perfect in every way, from the muscles in his shoulders to his lovely smile.

And that one teacher you love yet you hate sometimes.



And the girl who won almost all the beauty contest she joined in. The one that, even as you grow up, will still be the most beautiful girl that you’ve ever seen close up.


And then there’s the guy you wanted to call Mr. Suave, the ex-boyfriend of the beautiful ones…who, by the way, recently professes that he’s got a crush on me, I’m a little flattered. Haha.



And the un-noticed girls around. The smart kids. The plain and shy types yet everyone else always knew as the brains. My soulmates and buddies. Hahaha.

MARISYL would not have been the same without these people. I would not have been the same without all of you. HS was such a hard time for me. I didn’t like it that much. I miss it but not as much as I miss college. I was going through a lot of hardships and process wherein I learned to be strong for myself and for my family. Money was a big issue. I never had enough confidence inside. I never felt beautiful or liked or loved. I was never a part of the populars. I wasn’t athletic, I’d prefer joining the scrabble club. Always the expectator-audience and never the participant. There’s just sooo much insecurities all over me.

All of these things made my HS life a little boring and not so exciting. But at 20++, I finally see that this – all of this- is just the way it should be. It is all part of this thing- high school. A time in our lives that we can never truly repeat. A time that shapes us. A time that makes us who we are, for years to come.

I have regretted it that I wasn’t as daring and as bold then as I am now. Kaya siguro ngayon, I’m totally different – I’m making the most out of my life. I’ve become passionate about it. I’ve climb several mountains, can you believe that? I’ve enrolled in a dance class and performed at Philam Theater before. I dated/befriended Rockstars. I mastered the art of beading/jewelry making. I befriended the loudest and the craziest gurls in college. I’ve hosted some events. Joined (and won) a dating game. I’ve shared the Good News to some. I learned to swim. I joined a production outfit. Living for God and loving him all the days of my life. In short, I’m enjoying my life, every second of it. And I wanna do a lot more things. I wanna bungee jump. I wanna learn scuba diving. I wanna learn cross-stitching. I wanna learn baking and gardening. I wanna learn digital imaging, web designing and programming. More. The list could go on forever.

I don’t wanna have regrets again for not doing and saying things that I should have done and said. I’ve spent few years doing that already. For now, I just wanna LIVE LIFE. LOVE LIFE!! That’s all that matters to me.


Yahooo, ANAWANGIN on July for anniv climb. Can’t wait!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. YAY! anawangin! kapapanood ko lang nung video na gawa ni ruth! nakakamiss! gusto sumama ni noime!
    package deal na naman ito! go go go! malapit na!

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