1982 Family Picture

Ada Family 1982

I love it! I love it! I love it to the max! I’m always all smiles whenever I’m seeing this piece of our life story. Too bad, we don’t have many vintage pictures left. Most of them were damaged and lost and forgotten and taken for granted. This one is definitely the ultimate survivor that’s why I’m sharing this to yah all. Noticed all the scratches and flaws? Proof yan na it has surpassed all the years of hardships and battles. Naks! May ganun ganon pa. Truth is, naka-laminate kase yan, haha, kaya mahirap tibagin at kahit anurin pa ng baha yan, hindi yan bibigay. Parang kami sa totoong buhay. Anak ng…may ganung level! Dramatic! Yuhooooo!

Seriously, it is one of my very few regrets that I did not keep a lot of photos way back then. It would have been nice to have something to reminisce about when you’re old and gray, di ba?

Is that really me? Gosh! How cutie I looked like years ago.

Hinde yata nag 123 yung photographer kaya tingnan nyo…walang nakangiti. Hahaha. Siguro I was about 3 yo here tapos si ate, maybe 5 or younger. Si Tatay, kamukha ni Topel (my youngest bro) and si Nanay, in fairness, medyo chubby pa lang. Pareho pa ang hairdo nila di ba? Very hippie. And the porma, it’s soo 2007. May ganyang jacket sa LEE/JAG. Ang fashion talaga, umiikot lang…kaya simula ngayon, I’ll keep my old clothes for future reference. Hehehe.

OO, alam ko , CUTE ako dito…don’t mention it.

I-try ko kaya yung ganyang hairstyle ngayon, kulot tapos may bangs…


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