I can’t believe I’m back working again..

The glorious days are over. I’m back working and I am seriously planning on resigning soon. Why can’t I just can’t be a bum for life…living a fabulous lifestyle without ever worrying about bills, bills and a lot of bills. I’m tired of traffic, long travel time, doing the same stuffs and the stress of working on night shift. How I wish I’m just few blocks away from the office. How I wish I can get to work when, where and how I like to.

I need a break! Seriously. I might not resign soon but how does a few months of INDEFINITE LEAVE sounds to yah? Nah. I cannot afford it. Not now, not ever.


Pix from my recent vacation will be posted soon. Pramis. I’m just busy working again…so many many things to do. I still haven’t unpack my things, can you believe that? Also, I have a lot of watching to do. I’ve watched episodes 1-18 of HEROES for one straight day (tnx to Liz & aimz) and i got 10 words to say: I STILL THINK “PRISON BREAK” IS THE BEST SHOW EVER. But it’s still worth watching.

Commercial muna:

Watch OK Go’s THREADMILL DANCE and Happyslip’s PEELINGS on youtube.com



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  1. Nung una rin ayoko manood ng HEROES kase wala naman akong aabangang kaseng pogi ni Wentworth Miller eh. Pero ok naman yung story. At para hindi narin tayo huli sa usapan db?

    Apply ka na kase d2 Malen… Petiks d2! haha!

    Napanood ko na yung Threadmill Dance pero yung Peelings hindi pa…

    Check my blog.. panoorin mo yung video dun… nakakaloka.

  2. oo nga, ung OK GO na band, ang gaganda ng mga videos nila. laging may choreography, nakakaaliw nga. ung latest nila yata ung lahat sila nakadamit ng wallpaper.

    ikaw pah, magreresign???? haler, ilang beses ko na naririnig yan ah! ehehe… wala rin naman kasing malilipatan na kapantay ng salary mo ngayon kung hindi call center. haaay…

  3. ngaun lang ako nagcomment, busy ako kababasa ng manga ng alice academy kaka-adik… salamat pala sa pasalubong mo… yummy hehehehe… good thing you’re back

    ako gusto ko rin ng indefinite leaveeeee!

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