The Only Reason Why I Love Rex

…is because he’s so gwafo. Period.

And I’m not voting for him this election……because I’m not registered to vote. I missed it. Hahaha. Seriuosly, I might vote for him but here’s the thing I wanna share to yah all:

Rex Gatchalian running for Congressman in first district of Valenzuela City and Wes Gatchalian for the second district. Both are brothers of re-electionist Valenzuela City Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian. All related to the plastics magnate WILLIAM GATCHALIAN, a close associate of ERAP.


I don’t know why the Gatchalians want to have it all. I guess, having all the money isn’t enough. There’s a burning desire for P O W E R which I can’t fully understand. Personally, I don’t have anything against them, pero c’mon…this is political dynasty. Not that everything is wrong about it but if these people are elected and appointed in public office because of a famous name bid for their candidacy and not by the virtue of their personal skills and abilities (which happens all the time), that’s when it becomes tragic and all sooo wrong.

Hay, politics talaga is the DIRTIEST ICE CREAM on earth. With all the killings happening these days, I swear, I’m never going to be a politician in my lifetime. Parang wala ng sincere na politicians these days. May mga nagpapa-cute lang at puro daldal parang badingky.

Bottom line is, vote wisely this May 14….you don’t know if these people are HONEST but you could trust your instincts. Sabi nga ni ADENG…i-feel nyo kung good vibes ba. Hahaha.

Basta ako, feel si REX. Cute kase sa personal. Hehehe


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. naku malen, pag ginoogle mo si rex gatcha-whatever, blog mo ang unang lalabas…

    tingnan mo sa sobrang pogi si rex gatcha-whatever, ginoogle na ng iba dyan – just like pa-annonymus epek hehehe…

    kung gf nya si angelika dela cruz, malamang, nilandi ni angelika yan (joke!)…

    kung gf nya si angelika, tingin ko sa mga lalaking ganyan ay walang panahon na tumingin sa mga nararapat na babae… hehehe….

    mga politicians na makitid utak, artista ang pinapatulan hahahaha!

    yung artistang mga pumapatol sa politician, included sa escort service hehehehehe!

  2. eto lang guys, pag sa lugar nyo ay uso pa rin ang lagay, wag nyo ng i-elect ang mga politicians na yan kasi puro sa bulsa lang ang kaban ng bayan… nde nya pinapasahod ng tama ang mga gov worker nya…

    pansin ko lang kasi, nung nagpa-ayos ng title of deed yung kakilala ko sa munisipyo, kailangan ng lagay bago asikasuhin…nde ko na sasabihin kung alin town yun…

    nung nag-ayos naman sya one time sa Marikina, walang hiniging lagay, diretso ang proseso…

    ako no matter what, iboto ko si MCF kasi ayos ang marikina, walang lagay lagay lagay, diretso trabaho agad!

  3. to epek: hahaha….ano ko insecure kay angelika? whahaha. as if pinangarap ko tong si REX na maging BF…harharhar…feel ko lang sya kase cute.

  4. He is cute and he does talks well.. come to think of it he wears a lot of lacoste and fits into it well. Good body type.. right height.. Why is he single? I know the Sherwin one is… i’m single!!!

  5. oo nga major! cguro pag ginoogle ni rex name nya tapos nakita tong site, anak ng kilala na tayo nun… nakalink pa naman sa blog ko yung name ko hehehehe kuuuulllliiittt…

    malay mo malen as a tribute of talking about him eh di baka sya ang iyong KNIGHT.. pero nde ko pa rin nakikita mukha nya hehehehe

  6. the family is involved in the most appalling illegitimate practices. beware. i can’t believe filipinos really buy these ‘cute kasi’ stuff. how can we ever change?

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