Family Fun Day at Club Manila East


Club Manila East @ Taytay, Rizal



with mah best



with Robbie



with Turing



with Tots



merienda time (overcooked spag, home-cooked fried chix, ordinary buko pandan, rellenong bangus, not-so-good paella, tasty beef brocolli and lechon plus del monte 4 seasons) – good enough for a merienda that’s libre.



the clapper, the Bikini Open winner and the manager!!



happy eaters!


It was a fun-filled day. Sobrang entertaining esp. the Bikini Open Dinggas/Fairy Edition part. Nice place, spacious, clean and looks safe. Ansaya mag overnight swimming dun. Naaliw ako dun talaga sa 2 dinggas. Ang kulet nila. Ang galing mag pose at very spontaneous yung Q&A part. There were 5 judges and both of them got 5 questions each. It was like watching Allan K. and Pooh together. Ang sakit ng lalamunan ko kakatawa at kakasigaw. Here are some famous lines I got from the Q&A:


contestant #2 – “I do believe that black is beautiful but over black is CHARCOAL” — pointing Contestant #1 being blacker than he/she is.


“Ang Dyosang nagmula sa langit, bumaba sa lupa, ang nagpatibok sa puso ni Martin Nievera, Pops Fernandez!”


Kung ikaw ay isang halaman, ano ka?“Kung ang kamatis nakakapagpalinaw ng mata, ang talong, nagpapatirik ng mata” …therefore, talong daw sya.


Who is your ideal person ?“my mother is my best ideal person”


What is your best spiel with your irate customers?“Thank you for calling blah blah….my name is…”


Paano ka makakatulong sa ekonomiya ng ating bansa? — “Alam nyo naman na kaming mga Dinggas, ayaw naming magka-anak, so dun palang nakakatulong na kami sa populasyon…”


Congrats to Anthony and Shawie for winning the Bikini Open. ESCA rocks! Yeay! Kahit na I had to work that night and I haven’t had enough rest to make it through the day, attending the Fun Day was worth it.

Terible ang summer ngayon. Sobrang HOT!!! Kaya naman ang sarap mag swimming!!!! To mah blogger friends, mag swimming na tayo. Daliiiiiii!!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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