Prison Break Season 3


Prison Break season 3 will be premiered on August 29, 2007 in the United States and Canada.

Details on the serialized drama’s story line for next season are being kept under wraps, but it is understood that brothers Michael (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) — who recently escaped to Panama with the FBI hot on their trail — and many of their fellow fugitives would end up back behind bars, possibly in Panama.

“It essentially will be a new chapter,” creator/executive producer Paul Scheuring said. “It’s going to return to the fundamental conceit, to the roots of what the show was about.”

In its first season, “Break” featured most characters locked in prison and planning an escape. The current second season chronicles the manhunt that ensued after the core group broke out.

“They got scattered in the winds,” Scheuring said. “They will come back together again, (and) their conflicts and interactions will return.”

The options on the “Break” actors are not due for a pickup until May, but it is understood that a significant number of the regulars this season will return in the fall. The show also will introduce many new characters, Scheuring said.

But while stars Miller and Purcell will return next season, don’t consider them safe, Scheuring said, hinting that one of them might not survive beyond the first few episodes.


NEWSFLASH: Michael Scofield + Dr. Sara Tancredi = this:

~Baby Scofield~


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  1. I’m so excited na talaga for Season 3!!!
    Natawa naman ako sa Baby Scofield mo! Kaso mali yung formula…dapat ganito

    Michael Scofield + Ruthie A = Baby Scofield

    Sarap sigurong magpalahi sa kanya! bwahahahaha! bastos!

  2. hello i love prison break it is amazin so cant wait until season 3 which ill have to wait till nxt yr to c booooo hooooooo

  3. hello i love prison break it is amazin so cant wait until season 3 which ill have to wait till nxt yr to c booooo hooooooo oh no ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. i’m soo excited !
    I love Prison Break, I love Michael Scofield, actually I love Wentworth Miller ;D
    I’m live in Poland, but I try give question.. however I must write .
    O my God !
    I fail write !
    Ok, easy..
    Everybody knows, when I’ll see 3rd season Prison Break ?
    Bye :D:D:D

  5. man this really blows how can u say that one of them(micheal’ linc )maight not survive beyond the first episodes of the third season

  6. hi guys i just finished watching season 2 i cant wait to see season 3 haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh………..

  7. la verdad no meparece exitante me parece una maldad con ese bebe un acosa es q michael este buenisimo y otra cosa es q ese bebe le pongan eso

  8. hi, i’m sarah, i’m from spain and i love prison break. I wanna know when can i see the season three in the fox tv, please jejeje. Thanks, i wait your answer. goodbye. (sorry, maybe my english isn’t very good…)

  9. me parece una falta de respeto que vengas aki diciendo pedo xk no vine a cunto si no t gusta la serie pos no pongas nah xk a nosotros ls fans no ns gusta que se metan con nustros gustos asi k pedo tu niño malcriao que poca verguenza la tuya…

  10. yo digo lo que me viene en gana cuando quiero y donde quiero asi que no me vengas aqui de defensora de la justicia, imbecil que ni siquiera sabes ingles a ver que te has creido¿? si prison break es una mierda pues es una mierda y ya esta vale.

  11. a mi no me abls asi xk ni siquira m conocs asik ya t podrias cortar 1 poco, imbecil… a vr k tal t sale a ti scribir n ingles eee weno si nisi quira sabs español, gili k creido s con tilde capullo,,, y no t m pngas gallito k t meto dos mcos y x cirto tins l gusto n l mismisimo culo si no t gusta prison break, tonto, si no t gusta pos pirat d aki no vngas a faltar el rspto. posdata: memo.

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